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  1. 3 - Taylormade driver, Hybrids (2 & 3) and wedges (50, 54, 58), Srixon Irons (4-PW), Bobby Grace Amazing Grace putter. Balls: TP5 or Srixon ZStar (depends on bargains when I need to buy)
  2. @FmaxTurboSi Chunking them would be the most accurate description. It's usually because I'm trying to swing harder and drop my right shoulder in the down swing. I'm generally not a big divot taker at all. I'm gonna spend at least a month or two on re-building the swing as discussed above due to body shape changes. Once I'm confident that it is reasonably bedded-in, I will then go and shop for new irons (probably all new clubs except for my wedges which I love and are still in good condition). @Springbok45 - for me if they perform roughly the same will go for the Mizuno - just for the sake of h
  3. First - to everyone - thanks for the input, I genuinely appreciate it!!! Second - Sorry - I guess i wasn't super clear - I will definitely get fit - was just trying to limit my search parameters and confirm my suspicion that the JPX line would be where I should be looking! I really like the forged feel and would love to stick with that style of iron. I will definitely be going for lessons - my swing needs to be totally rebuilt - having lost 165 lbs (75 kgs) means that my swing plane is totally different and I can get much more inside (because I don't have to swing around myself anymore!!!!!
  4. That is definitely part of the plan. But asking for tips on my chipping on a forum aren't that useful. Information on clubs can be!
  5. Hi all - long time reader, first time poster!! Time to jump in. Currently play Srixon i302 with Rifle 5.5 shafts. I hit the ball well. If short game matched my ball striking, I’d be down around 10 or below handicap. As it is, I’m about 16-18. This is also a function of not playing often enough - but over the coming year or so I will be able to re-commit to playing regularly. As a starting point I’m thinking JPX919 Forged with the ProjectX LZ tour shafts. This gives me something similar to what I have (I love the feel of my irons), but with a bit more modern 'tech' in it. Any thoughts? Trying
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