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  1. I think it's the I Classic Standard, which is on the small side of "standard". I think I have the 65g one in the same color that could be swapped on.
  2. 330/340/350 could be right. It's been awhile since I looked it up. For Piretti, it's clearly just a customization feature. On the other end, there's Tiger's putter from the PGA this year and Open last year where they added weight ports to add a little more heft. That's more like the Special Select, though, where it's a smaller head than the 2013-2018 models, and likely also had more than 10-15g weights installed.
  3. I've always been pretty familiar with the swing feel of the Newports from roughly 2013-2018...15g weights in the 34", 10g weights in the 35", etc. I recently tried something that was also 350g/34", but a solid head with no weights, and didn't like it as much as I thought. I recently exchanged some emails with someone at Piretti regarding a Potenza head that would be 355/365/375 depending on which weights you put in. The weight materials were aluminum, SS, and copper, which led me to ask, and sure enough the weight of the head if no weight ports existed would be around the middle
  4. Apologize, apparently the new web interface here had been going to my email spam. I've replied to everyone now.
  5. Prices shipped CONUS. No trades of anything except other Scotty putters. No headcovers with any of these. I tossed out a few photos to sneak under the 50 MB limit, so just ask if you want more. 1) 34.5" Newport Buttonback - Refinished with a Tour Satin finish, which is slightly darker than the original, and original paintfill. It was reshafted with a KBS CT Tour, but I have the original shaft and will include it. Grip is a black/gold dancing Cameron. Prettiest putter I've ever seen, but the insert would keep me from ever gaming it. Only indoor rolled since refinish. $OLD
  6. I've had this since I got it in the mail as a 13 year old and watched as the selling prices have flown all over the place over the years. Some people fish for "new car price", most are just the card. There are a bunch on that bidding site we all love, so feel free to peruse that for comps. I'd like to move this, not just fish for an outlier price, so make an offer if you're interested. 1996 SI for Kids issue with Tiger Woods "rookie" card on the cards page. Magazine is in perfect condition, as is the cards page. No bent corners or anything. I'm not a card grader or anything,
  7. Measures 42.25". Swapped for a Ventus blue 7x, so plays pretty stout for "stiff". Only a few rounds on the grip, and I'm someone that doesn't use 3w off the tee at all. $60 shipped CONUS
  8. SIM 9.0 head. Sole has the normal tee marks and such, rest is clean. I should listen to my fitter next time and not try to get cute about it. $325 shipped CONUS.
  9. I was fit for a 9.0 SIM Max head but, because I struggle with hooks, got the idea from Rory and Day to order the 10.5, loft it down to 9, and keep it out to the right. It worked for awhile, but then I guess I mentally adjusted and I do better with the square face. The 10.5 loft is too much. So.... TRADED shipped CONUS or Trade for 9.0 head preferred. SIM Max or SIM, no other make or model. I went through a fitting against Mavrik and G410 and did a home bake off with G410, M5, and M1. I'm sure of my choice. 34" Scotty Cameron Notchback I had this done at Continental Golf a few years bac
  10. 34" flow neck Metal X Milled 6 Shaft has a couple scuffs and the headcover (magnetic closure that works well) has a little wear, but the head has no dings or anything serious. Iomic grip has about 2 rounds on it. $100 OBO shipped CONUS
  11. The other problem with the P7TW's is that you can't pick individual clubs like you can with the 760's and 790's. So if you want to do a combo set or (in my case), get P, 8, 6, 4 for a half set to take to par 3's...no bueno.
  12. P790 UDI with 6.5 Hzrdus Black and Iomic Sticky 2.3 grip (+2 wraps). +1/2" and 1 up lie. Really clean face....urethane balls only. I'm not an animal. $150 OBO shipped CONUS
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