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  1. The example in the last lesson helped to some degree today - the right palm away.
  2. Really enjoy the video and after view it highlights a feel that I struggle with I. My irons. Cast B is my challenge. Specifically it’s the transitioning from this Deep and Out move in the below video to the Cast B move. I can deliver the Deep and Out but I end up holding those positions to the follow through and end up with either a weak cut or smothering it left to prevent the right. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to connect these two? Or perhaps should they be matched up at all? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZU2ptHFZD0
  3. Any intel on Southern Hills guest fees? Small group considering a trip through OK. Was going to have my club pro reach out to SHCC but wondered if some of the guys might be priced out.
  4. I have a i25 3 wood - stock PWR75 shaft SW is D0. The feel issue I have with it is that the butt end feels exceptionally light. I would like to have something with some more heft to it. By comparison I have a G30 hybrid - Nunchuk shaft - that SWs is D5. Thoughts on how to as some SW to my i25 - open time trying a new shaft - and increasing the butt end feel?
  5. Cleaning out several extras that have accumulated over the years. All in good shape, just trying to move these along to a better home. Asking $13 per item or $10 per with purchase of multiples. Ralph Lauren Polo Golf - Size XL - RSM Classic logo. Nike Golf - Size XL- RSM logo. Color is more Royal Blue than shown in picture.Cutter & Buck - Size XL - RSM logo. Charcoal.Under Armour - Size L - Bandon Trails logo. Black.Cutter & Buck - Size L - Bandon Dunes logo. Baby Blue.Under Armour - Size L - Blackrock logo - Black.Pebble Beach L/S 1/4 zip - Size L - No logo - Orange.Adidas L/S/ 1/4 zi
  6. Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI 2 iron - head only. Asking $75 obo
  7. Ok those places are 2.5 + hrs away
  8. What about Giant Ridge or Madden’s? Too far or Troy is just the play?
  9. Conference is at the JW Marriott - Mall of America - Renting a car is a possibility.
  10. I have the afternoon of July 9 I need to fill some time. Headed up to Minneapolis for a few days of work conferences. Any thoughts, suggestions, referrals on where to play? First time in the area golfing!
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