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  1. Asst. pro at my club said that these typical Titleist promotions were paused for 2022 - due to COVID / supply chain / ….
  2. The example in the last lesson helped to some degree today - the right palm away.
  3. Really enjoy the video and after view it highlights a feel that I struggle with I. My irons. Cast B is my challenge. Specifically it’s the transitioning from this Deep and Out move in the below video to the Cast B move. I can deliver the Deep and Out but I end up holding those positions to the follow through and end up with either a weak cut or smothering it left to prevent the right. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to connect these two? Or perhaps should they be matched up at all? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZU2ptHFZD0
  4. Any intel on Southern Hills guest fees? Small group considering a trip through OK. Was going to have my club pro reach out to SHCC but wondered if some of the guys might be priced out.
  5. I have a i25 3 wood - stock PWR75 shaft SW is D0. The feel issue I have with it is that the butt end feels exceptionally light. I would like to have something with some more heft to it. By comparison I have a G30 hybrid - Nunchuk shaft - that SWs is D5. Thoughts on how to as some SW to my i25 - open time trying a new shaft - and increasing the butt end feel?
  6. Cleaning out several extras that have accumulated over the years. All in good shape, just trying to move these along to a better home. Asking $13 per item or $10 per with purchase of multiples. Ralph Lauren Polo Golf - Size XL - RSM Classic logo. Nike Golf - Size XL- RSM logo. Color is more Royal Blue than shown in picture.Cutter & Buck - Size XL - RSM logo. Charcoal.Under Armour - Size L - Bandon Trails logo. Black.Cutter & Buck - Size L - Bandon Dunes logo. Baby Blue.Under Armour - Size L - Blackrock logo - Black.Pebble Beach L/S 1/4 zip - Size L - No logo - Orange.Adidas L/S/ 1/4 zip - Size XL - McGladrey Classic logo. Navy.Polo Golf L/S 1/4 zip - Size L - McGladrey Classic logo. Navy. More of a sweater an interior lining to help break the wind.Nike Golf Pants - Size 36x30. Brown/Charcoal with blue stripe.
  7. Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI 2 iron - head only. Asking $75 obo
  8. Ok those places are 2.5 + hrs away
  9. What about Giant Ridge or Madden’s? Too far or Troy is just the play?
  10. Conference is at the JW Marriott - Mall of America - Renting a car is a possibility.
  11. I have the afternoon of July 9 I need to fill some time. Headed up to Minneapolis for a few days of work conferences. Any thoughts, suggestions, referrals on where to play? First time in the area golfing!
  12. A few items left in the closet a little too long. 1.) Fourteen HI-660 V2 - 2 iron head - asking $55. 2.) True Linkswear Element - Spikeless - NEW - size 11.5 - asking $45. 3.) UA Polo - logo'd - Heatgear Loose fit - both size Large. Each worn 2/3 times. Blackrock (ID) Black/Grey and Ballyneal (CO) Blue/Grey - asking $20 each.
  13. Is this a once per eBay account or once per account per seller?
  14. Came across this item cleaning out old bags this morning. Thought I had sold it a while back but nope. Used. SkyCaddie SGXw - wifi model - no subscription. Comes with the rubberized case and standard clam-shell case. Powers up and all buttons work. The lower left and right key covers (ball and flag) are missing however the buttons still work. Not sure on this one but asking $40 obo - ppal'd and shipped to your door. Thanks.
  15. Here is how my two shafts arrived today! Absolutely no idea how they actually made it here!!!
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