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  1. no reply from the seller so far, paypal case is set to be close on 3/20, and no reply as well hopefully get a refund.
  2. I did already talked to moderator 1t and explain the situation, I will leave it to him to take the needed actions. just report a case in the paypal resolution center with the seller, but I doubt he will answer, do you think I should directly chose "Escalate issue to PayPal"? or maybe wait 1 or 2 days for the seller to respond to paypal?
  3. Thank you sir, I didn't check his profile before dealing with him, should have done that prior to the transaction, btw I did always paid with Goods and Services to avoid something like this happen. just open up the paypal dispute, how long does it take? just wondering if the seller delete or not respond to the account will I ever going to be refunded.
  4. Thank you guys, And just so you know I did not receive tracking number from the seller by noon so I’m now inviting the seller @oakmont2203 to the thread. I hope everything turns out alright... was really looking forward to the items that I bought from you sir. i sincerely think you just need sometimes to deal with some personnel issues, but I feel like you are giving promises that you can’t keep.
  5. Thanks man, yeah I was constantly looking for some items on the site for some of the tour pros in Asia, but actually this transaction was done to a posted thread by the seller on the BST, so I intuitively believe he has great intention and motivation to move the items. but still thank you for the comment
  6. Thank you guys for all the comments and suggestions, view the updated thread, will keep you guys updated, thanks
  7. No sir he mentioned in the last message on 2/27 that he would ship the item out on 2/28 and provide tracking, but no update so far. Thank you but how do I open a claim and invite him in a appropriate way? do I just tag or @ him in the comment?
  8. Hi, I recently made a purchase on the BST with a member here with paypal, and sent the money over on Feb.23, the seller told me he was busy caught up with work, and did not reply to the message as often. However, he did get on the site 2~3 times per day, and seems like he chose not to read and reply to my message. I have dm him couple times but he only reply every like 3 days, and his last reply was on 2/27, but by tracking his "last visit" record. he has been on the site at least 5 times since then, Do you guys think it is a good time to c
  9. Yes I do follow up with him every two weeks by email, but have been informed the putter is at the finishing shop in California, could be done in anytime......
  10. Thank you guys, guess I will have to wait for another few weeks
  11. Byron makes amazing stuffs, I currently own a 612 and a 620, both looks/sounds/feel fantastic, but for the most recent batch how long have you guys wait to get your order done? I have waited for my deepwater from last September and don't feel like it will be done anytime soon...
  12. cool, thanks guys, I just check mine and it has the TD53 suffix, not sure what that is but maybe a tour draw?
  13. do you mind pointing out the different suffix and what they represent?
  14. do any one know different between TCV and TCF serial for callaway?
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