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  1. Hey guys these are a custom set of Corey Paul Functional Art Irons: 5-PW, 52,58 Raw irons which have a very nice patina setting in.Shafts are Recoils 95gr Regular flex. Irons have custom ferrules and milling. If looking for more pics let me know. Asking $750.OBO. No low balls please. Would listen for trades for similar boutique irons or regular flexed sets. Thanks guys
  2. Wow those hot metals didn't last long; less than a week since i saw them for sale. Couldn't kick the pings out of the bag ???
  3. Well worth it for the year for the money. The detailed info and the swing reviews are worth every penny. I personally haven’t gotten through all the modules yet so I’m renewing.
  4. Hey Guys for your viewing pleasure I have a set of custom built CP irons and wedges. Like new condition. Only hit the 7 and PW a few tunes of mat into yard net. Irons are raw ans will rust. Head shape is sinukuat to a titleist 775 head shape. 5-PW 52,58 recoil 95 regular flex. Heads have beautiful milllng on soles and cavities. Asking $750. Will not break up set or do heads only. Make offers. Will listen to trades perhaps scratch or combo type sets.
  5. M2 head has been traded. willing to listen to offers and trades on both irons and putter. Come on guys somebody has to want to try this putter
  6. Hello guys. Trying to move on from this stuff. Cash is king but will listen to trade offers. Main interest would be a Nike 006 putter. All prices include shipping( and if you ship stuff you know prices have gone way up). Please no low ball offers. I do work so just be patient I will respond as fast as I can. 1- Corey Paul functional art iron/wedge set 5-pw plus 52,58 wedge. Reg flex recoil 95 shafts. These irons are raw and will rust. I have only hit the 7 and pw off a mat into a net. The irons resemble a titleist 775 head design. Sone nice micro milling design on back of wedges and cavit
  7. Trying to ask people on a swing forum for help is a lost cause. If you want to employ his method join his site. It’s got lots of fundamental stuff and swing reviews you can post your swing and get help from his instructors. I would say it’s worth the money. Trying to mix and match his stuff with others it’s square peg round hole. There are so many good guys out there fir online lessons just take the plunge
  8. Tom Rosati is the best in the state in my opinion. Can also look up Aaron Mannes with is a RST instructor. If you don't mind driving check out Nick Bova out of hamilton club in jersey he's a Gankas disciple or go to my boy JT Thomas in brooklyn who's also opening a new range on staten island
  9. You can try Tom Rosati out of Great River in Milford, I feel he's the best in the state. But honestly i agree with another response if you don't have time to practice or really put a effort to make changes lessons are worthless. You can just be outside and play and have fun. You can also spend your money either on online lessons you can't beat what you get from Dan carraher or you can join one the the popular websites like George Gankas which has tons of info and swing reviews ( which is like a lesser online lesson) or eric cocogorno.
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