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  1. i could see myself playing them too...in yellow
  2. dont get why its a limited release?? come on I never new a Titleist golf ball to not get attention
  3. So, if its firmer , is more like the pro v1x?
  4. cant get the left dot, I missed the boat...i am surely not paying ebay prices...if someone wants to sell them at a decent price, i am interested....per above post, i dont want the ball to be firmer then reg pro v1....
  5. Dean, hope to see MTB Black high number yellows!
  6. I currently play the Mizzy 825 Pro's ......dont play as much golf....thinking about the Ping 425 irons....any thoughts on whether they may help my game a lot more then my Mizzy's?
  7. i hope we see the 4.3....the 4.2 was very nice besides the dreaded cover
  8. Nor North Butte, what ball or balls do you play? 2021 pro v1?
  9. i am currently testing 6 yellow balls.... AVX( playing now) MTB Black(playing now) Zstar TP5 Q Star Tour(playing now) Wilson Elite 50 I am telling if the Wilson Elite 50/50 does ok, may be the ball $
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