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  1. i am going to play the 2021 pro v1...i never have exclusively, but i like it all around....you can get them with Practice side stamp, so cheaper....see if it helps or hurts my game
  2. Its funny how feel is so subjective, i think the the MTB black is borderline for me between hard and soft..just a thought
  3. following up on my previous post, i ordered another doz Pro v's, i know they are expensive, but really loved the feel all around...hey I can treat myself if i like a golf ball i am mid-high handi
  4. I am not a pro v1 player, but had bought a dozen, so decided to play them last Sunday. I really liked it, didnt seem to hurt of driver, my bad drives were because of my swing. felt good off clubs, and really loved it off the putter..just nice all around ball
  5. not sure, i just have always felt the yellow balls were harder in all makes
  6. I will start it off with mine.......MTB Black and Titleist AVX
  7. so can we expect the new k4 this week? Masters is here
  8. depends who is hitting the ball??
  9. Taylor Made LDP RED....anmazing ball
  10. I am not sure to be honest, I dont pay attention to launch....I just know the MTB Black is a complete ball
  11. i am sure someone said....these ball are in different category
  12. anyone know anymore specifics on the new 4 piece? when?
  13. MTB Black is a better ball , hands down!
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