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  1. I currently play the Mizzy JPX Pro 825's, love them, but I dont play as much golf these days, wondering if there is a forged iron out there with more forgiveness....thoughts?
  2. I remember they made a one model Pro v1x that was amazing....i think 2005? they also made a Pro v1 star too
  3. took me a while, but just love being able to spot my ball...
  4. i am playing avx yellow, so decided to get a dozen pro v1 yellow, so gonna play both and see what works best for me
  5. just think all the money Titleist can make putting these in production
  6. without even playing it, sounds like I would like to see a softer left dot, same spin specs or put more spin into the AVX...:)
  7. i have 11 brand new Snell Black yellow, if anyone is interested? PM me
  8. I play the AVX, and yeah a little more spin...cool...but honestly, if its harder then the pro v1, i wouldnt want it anyway...these homers on ebay can list as high as they want , they wont sell any
  9. i am with you on that one.....its crazy what they are asking....i dont care how good the ball is
  10. i wont if the left dot is a re-badged EXP-1??
  11. left dot in yellow......come on Titleist
  12. left dot in yellow.....they would sell like hot cakes
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