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  1. hope you are right....wanta see that 4 pc, hopefully its the same ball as the 4pc bad cover ball, with improved cover
  2. i want to test the new pro v1
  3. i am on Team Titleist, bujt never get to test the new golf balls
  4. I am hoping the new 4pc ball is the last 4 pc with improved cover.
  5. i like that the pro v1 is the lowest spin of the two now because it fits my game if I ever play it, the X is too hard
  6. i still of a doz of the OG's....i will stock up on the new 4 pc
  7. Feel is subjective, its soft like the other two, but RXS has a lot of spin off driver..
  8. just skip all this debate and play the MTB Black.....nuff said
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