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  1. Any feedback on the Mitsubishi MMT shaft in these drivers? How does it compare to the IM10 mid shaft offering? Or any other no upcharge shafts that they offer.....?
  2. ALL SOLD Except AD IZ Shaft!!! Excellent condition Ping G400 Max 9* Driver with 2 shafts and OE headcover. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6X that plays at 45.25”, no tipping that I am aware of and grip/logo plays in small minus position. , and Project X Red Handcrafted 5.5 (stiff regular) shaft that plays at 44.5”. AD shaft has a scratch on it - trying to give full disclosure - obviously no affect on how it plays, and I took pick of it. Selling as bundle and will only split if I have buyers for all items. $OLD for the head, $160 for the AD IZ shaft and $OLD for the PX Handcrafted shaft. All it
  3. Excellent condition flash SZ Driver with 10.5 loft. Shaft is Graphite Design Tour AD TP 6X - low spin shaft that delivers a Med/Hi ball flight - flight was a touch lower than the DI or IZ shafts for me. Plays at 44.75”. Great combination for the hard hitters! Sweet deal at $300 shipped USPS priority
  4. The ability to flatten the lie and drop the loft, removed one side of the course completely for me with the 410 LST. That was a game changer for me on certain courses. I also loved the G400 LST
  5. Selling these 2 Driver shafts together. Both have Titleist adapters, and I no longer have any Titleist stuff. The GD Tour AD IZ 6S shaft is 43.25”, has not been tipped and is in nice condition with newer grip. The Mitsubishi Tensei Raw blue 55 stiff is basically new and is 44.5”. Asking $OLD shipped for both, and prefer to sell together but open to offers individually. PM me for that. Thank you
  6. I picked up a bonded Epic Flash 9 wood last year, as an experiment of course...LOL. Anyway, I have never really found a hybrid that I feel is automatic, and my 4 iron can be tricky when the weather is cooler and the launch is lower than I would like. This 9 wood has been perfect for me. I can get about 215 out of it when I step on it and the ball flight is towering, so no fear of taking over water into a par 5. When I play with certain guys that play shorter length courses I use it off the tee frequently and it has been far more automatic than any hybrid I have ever owned.
  7. Agree with this, as I have the 400 max and the 410 LST. Testing against the 425 models with my shaft (AD IZ 6X) and I just didn't see enough in it to consider making any changes. Perhaps if I tried some different shafts in the 425 range they may have unlocked some extra. The 425 LST spun lower for me but not in a good way - gave me the odd snap hook super low spin, and I prefer the sound of the 410 LST. I do think it can be longer, but for me at the cost of consistency that I get from the 410 LST. And as for the G400 Max - well it is the G400 Max...enough said.
  8. This auction is for 3 Callaway Driver shafts with adapters that will fit the epic, epic flash and epic speed driver heads, as well as the Mavrik and Rogue driver heads. All 3 shafts measure out at 44.25" " so they will play at 45.5" and all 3 are stiff flex - grips in excellent shape as well. There is an Aldila Rogue white 130 MSI 60 gram shaft that is new - sticker still on it, this is a mid-launch low spin shaft. Next is a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV 65 shaft in excellent condition - this is a mid-launch and mid-spin shaft. Yellow is SOLD - Last but not least is a 63 gram Handcrafted Project X
  9. Very nice G400 LST 8.5 Driver with PING Tour 65 stiff shaft that plays at standard length for their tour shafts, 45.25”. Has a small mark that I took a close up pic, other than that it is in very good-excellent condition - face wear is minimal and crown is totally clean. Definitely can’t see that small chip at address so doesn’t even come into play. Price is $225 shipped, add $5 if west of Mississippi. Would be willing to split and sell head with headcover for $180 shipped and shaft for $65 shipped
  10. Yup - so I automatically went with the default salutation Glad to have some diversity, and hope we get more over time. Thanks again for the response to my question
  11. I am soooo sorry!! Didn't look at your AVI - Thank you Ma'am!!!
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