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  1. I love nothing more than being exactly 100 out and hitting a 3/4 gap wedge one hit stop within 5 feet. That said it's easily the hole in 1 I had just a few days ago on a 320 yard par 4. Slightly downwind, absolutely smoked a perfect draw and said that "may be on the green" (it's blind).
  2. Wanting to gloat a bit for obvious reasons but having it on a par 4 I'm just wondering how many of you know others with an ace on a par 4 as I've never heard of any others? Side questions on recommendations on a plaque to get for others with one? It was hole on 6 at Chestatee golf club, tees were at 320 going uphill then slightly downhill so it was blind for any curious.
  3. love the TS2 hybrid I use. Ping 425 looks really good. Used cobra for a while but don't like their newer ones. Tried the callaway apex which was ok but only try that if you miss left all the time. Haven't given TM a chance since I don't get along with their woods.
  4. Callaway driver, lob wedge, putter Titleist 3 wood and hybrid (finally something matching for me) ping irons cleveland sand wedge (needs an upgrade)
  5. Love mine. Feel could be better. Very forgiving, mishits stay straight and get basically the same distance as well struck. They are way easier to keep straight than my blades I came from. i200 and i210 look better but the difference isn't enough to justify the price right now.
  6. Same thing as the first pic happened to my GBB epic and the whole top came off right where that one was cracked (back half). They told me it was not under warranty and I could do non warranty and send it in for a mavrik for like $300, terrible deal, I was expecting at least a deal on the new ones. I like having the weight adjustability and since ebay didn't have any gbb epics that were clean I just got the epic max LS on ebay for $450, it had been hit like 5 times. Opted for that so I can keep my current shaft I like so much and not pay ~60 more to just try that shaft in a ping or TM since it may have not worked as a setup.
  7. I play 44.25 now and don't care about distance that much but don't think it loses any. I can barely hit the clubface with a 45.5" being a 2 handicap. Driver was always my weakness and if I'd have figured it out ~15 years ago and not been injured a lot in HS could've gotten some scholarships, then took my 20's pretty much off. Found a sweet spot with a very stiff counterbalanced shaft high loft head playing anywhere around 44". Have to absolutely load up on lead tape I found out so I bought a scale to get the head over 200g. I'm 6'1 and play irons .5" over too. All about comfort for me since it's going ~270 regardless and I'm not playing tour length courses or it would be a different story. Based on handicap they have charts showing how many fairways, greens, putts, etc. you need to get there and if you're hitting enough fairways may not matter. Tinker away friend and find what feels good.
  8. Have been trying to find a 3 wood to kick out my old v steel with the dg lite shaft and had trouble with all I've tried. With the steel shaft I love how I can tell exactly where the club and club head is at all times, but the shaft is definitely looser than the rest in my bag all being x flex shafts. The DG lite is 100 grams and looking for new shafts to try. I thought my oban purple 85s shaft would work with an epic flash but hit the thing awful and it lacks feel somehow. For my hybrid I've had no trouble using a tensei blue 80x so kind of stumped with the 3/4 wood. Thinking about AD DI 8x, Hzrdus smoke black 80x, Fuji speeder pro 84x, Diamana D+ 80x that I can get in the TS2 head. Any experiences or ideas for me?
  9. Would try putting lead tape on the toe of yours first and see how that feels. Weight in the toe slows down the face from closing too fast. Then try cranking your driver down (can't remember if G400 is adjustable). If it's not hit a buddy's driver with the loft down and see which one of those two feel better for you.
  10. Thanks guys this is good stuff. Get where you're coming from on Club Champion but I saw their spend $275 for $350 black friday deal and went for it. Big shame on the guy pushing all TaylorMade stuff, I would get angry at him on the spot for that. I got a full fitting there 3 years ago after not playing much since the high school team and got a lot from trying all the new stuff and just purchased a lengthened gap wedge to match my 4-pw set. I'm a tinkerer and an ebay-er so fully plan on getting a driver/3 wood from there but will probably buy a new sand wedge lengthened with correct swing weight and potentially a putter with weight and grip I like. Probably will tell them all this up front. With knowing much more about all the current shafts/gear treating it as a chance to hit all the quality shafts out there in woods, a gapping session for my irons, seeing how power/retro spec lofts work for me, what sand wedge to buy, and see what all they were talking about 3 years ago on putter fittings as it was interesting. @tbowles411 actually had no idea about the PGA show so may call and reschedule for February knowing that. @SugarLandGolfer that sucks on the 45.75" driver, finally found a 44" driver with way higher loft than I should need has made me way better and plan on choking up in the fitting if they don't have short shafts. @justcallmemoses anything behind getting fit while swinging well vs. after a winter inside? Actually had 2 back surgeries last year and happy to say I'm playing very frequently and much better than I ever have posting my first (and multiple) under par rounds.
  11. Had scheduled one in 2 weeks for all clubs but looks like a lot of new drivers, fairways, and irons are coming out the next two months and not sure if I should wait. Worried I fit for likely a SIM driver and fairway I liked hitting and then they have new ones in a month. Not sure if Club Champion will have the new Ping and Cobra drivers yet or not.
  12. find a fitter that does gapping sessions, think even PGA SS does them. Then get the lofts changed to what you want. I bought used pings 3 years ago and really liked them so sent them to Ping with below specs. Back then I was guessing so about to do a gapping session in my full fitting in 2 weeks 4 iron 2 degrees strong 5 iron half club strong 6 iron loft 7 iron loft 8 iron half club weak 9 iron half club weak pw half club weak uw same but know this needs to be changed
  13. @TheMoneyShot Thanks MoneyShot. Not sure why more people don't demand the moveable weights, sometimes I start to hit big fades and being able to just dial the weight to the heel can save rounds for me (pretty sure not legal mid round). You've removed me from following this and just getting disappointment while nobody can find what we should call from here on "the pic"
  14. For me it was with driver getting a high lofted, heavy counterbalanced shaft, cut down shaft and covered in lead tape for swing weight. Getting rid of penalty strokes really cuts off shots. How about you guys?
  15. Haven't seen a pic but can someone tell me if either/both will have movable weights towards the heel and toe? It's something I want but wish the regular SIM had that more towards the back of the club. Thanks
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