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  1. I tried searching for a thread, but had a hard time finding anything. I tend to hit clubs like the F6 baffler or the Adams Super Hybrid better than any other clubs and they are a combination between a fairway and a hybrid in my eyes. Just curious if there is any other clubs like this and if anybody else has had similar results. I tend to have a steep angle of attack, and i think this is why they are easier to maintain consistency.
  2. cobra18

    Callaway Irons

    One thing i don't like is the standard rogues are a bit stronger lofted than i have played in the past and i hit them farther than i want, but i have gotten used to it.
  3. cobra18

    Callaway Irons

    I play the rogues and have hit the mavriks. For feel both are kind of eh.... But i hit the rogues really good. Good enough that they knocked the G25s out of the bag...didn't think that would happen during my fitting. Don't plan on changing them anytime soon...I feel the big shovel rogues are super underrated and easily could go into many peoples bags.
  4. I have been looking for one of these headcovers for a long time. Just curious if anybody knows where i can get one? I have searched the internet up and down for one! Thanks!
  5. F6 Baffler with a Proforce V2....i never hit a dreadful shot with it. I hit some poor shots, but never anything that instantly turns the hole into a failure. It is also so good out of the rough that i honestly don't know what i would replace it with....
  6. I currently use the gravity grip in my ER2 but i think i almost like the Flat Cat Standard just as much or better. I have a blue star Pro Only grip on the way, and might try it on one of my backups.
  7. I went into a fitting awhile back and was playing G25's. Was looking at upgrading to G410's but i hit the Callaway CF18's much better. Would have never even looked at the rogues without going to this fitting. Went with the CF18's and haven't looked back. Those irons got me from a 17 to a 13 handicap this year.
  8. I have a F9 long iron that says 4 on it, but it it's bent from 19.5 to 18.5. Technically a 2 iron loft. I usually just use it off of the tee, but can hit it off the short grass for certain par 5's 2nd shot. It is very easy to hit. Has a Graphite shaft so it goes way up in the air. Don't really plan on replacing that club any time soon.
  9. I have seen a few hole outs from 150+ but never done it or seen it! I holed out from about 110-115 earlier this year. Figured i wasted all my luck on that!
  10. Just yesterday went 37 (+1) and then 44 on the back. Didn't really feel i was hitting the ball any different, just a lot of good breaks on the front and bad ones on the back! The 37 is what keeps me coming back!
  11. Could not hit a fairway wood for the life of me until i picked up a F6 baffler pretty consistently hit this club on par 5's 2nd shot and tee shots on shorter par 4's. This and cbx cavityback wedges have made me much more consistent on both ends of the bag.
  12. I too have had great success with the F6 baffler for quite a few years now. It is a great confidence club. Like everybody else says.. Point and shoot. If it breaks i will buy another...
  13. I don't think i have ever been content.....So my answer is keep tinkering!!
  14. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9, Stiff.What is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Looks, Sound and Feel. Do you adjust your drivers after buying? YesCurrent Driver Setup? Ping G25. 9 degree StiffWere you fit for that driver? YesDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Of Course!
  15. I have added a f9 4 iron bent to 18.5. Having had issues with hybrids this has worked out great for me, and i don't see it leaving the bag anytime soon!
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