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  1. We came to an agreement a long time ago, that my number of sets will never exceed the number of her pairs of shoes. I feel confident in my end of the bargain.
  2. Similar? https://www.ebay.com/itm/223526522229?hash=item340b380d75:g:mloAAOSw9qJaXmXo
  3. Dig the uniforms. Our boys are playing for the stars and stripes, remember... so the stripes are cool. Not digging the theme song on the telecasts, however. I keep looking for the Wild Bunch to come over the horizon on horseback.
  4. I'll second this. Decent grip and a fantastic price. Also has the wrapped look that looks good on most older clubs.
  5. I downloaded a free "clinometer" app on my phone. Actually surprised how accurate it is
  6. I've always been a Lamkin guy but I've bought several of the Royal grip models on Golfworks whenever they have a deal (buy 6 get 6, buy 9 get 4, etc.) and haven't been disappointed in any of them.
  7. Some great old names there.... Big Cat, Andy Franks, Terry Forcum all brought back some memories. McCommish played on and off the tour for a few years and he was a long knockin beast. All those guys could truly MASH. Persimmon era equipment too!
  8. 1 and 4 are kind of the same in my opinion. Pretty much a "horses for courses" deal. I'm sure most of the players in the field keep the utility iron/hybrid slot interchangeable depending on the course they are playing that week. Hard and fast links style fairways...go with the utility iron to get lower launch and more roll out A softer course with more forced carries... go with the hybrid to launch higher and land softer And for the record...I'm a #4 setup too.
  9. Totally agree on the cutting oil and using a reamer... but personally would still be very wary of using a drill at any speed. I guess if you could go "really slow" that would be ok. But having done it countless times, I really don't see why anyone would do it any other way than by hand. It's just so simple.
  10. 1. Don't ever lay up with a 3 wood 2. If you're not going to swing hard... don't hit driver.
  11. If you are using a drill, you are not reaming... you are drilling. Reaming should be done by hand. It's easier to stay centered and takes a minimal amount of time and effort because you are removing a minimal amount of material. I'd be scared to death to use a drill.
  12. I'll take either of those slogans over ours in Illinois.... "Illinois, give us all your money before you leave"
  13. Probably about 55 degrees. I have one and that's the loft spec on it.
  14. I switched to a 10 finger grip about 4-5 years ago and no more pain. Every time I experiment with going back to overlap which I played for 30 years, it kills me. Do whatever you have to do, I say.
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