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  1. There's nothing better feeling than a pured 3 iron but it's getting harder and harder for me to do. I finally put a 3 hybrid in the bag and have learned to like it. 4 iron is now the longest iron in my bag.
  2. I still have mine. Played them for 20 years. 3-4 years ago I softened up the shafts and continued to hit them well. I've basically just wore them out...wore the grooves out on the short irons. But a couple years ago, I started looking for something newer. Found out my old TA7's didn't meet the new groove rules and that kinda bugged me a little bit. So I started looking for something newer. Figured there had to be something to all of these newfangled high launch, low spin clubs I kept hearing were so great. For me they just aren't that great. I hit them all drop-kick fat or c
  3. Depends on how you define "great" I guess... Dave Stockton, Grant Waite, Stan Utley, Jim Estes are just a few who were top level players and won tour events. There are others out there who teach at the private club level.
  4. I'll echo this. I picked up a "modern" set of Callaway Epics a couple years ago. Hit nothing but drop-kick knuckleballs with those bastards. Hated em. Tried to reshaft them this winter and give them another shot with a higher launching shaft...same doggone thing. Now they are drop-kick knuckleballs that go straight up in the air. Absolutely can NOT get the ball on the center of the face because of all the bounce. And it's not like I am a huge digger. I've always taken shallow divots my whole life. I only bought the Callaways because my newest iron set (Cleveland TA7 Tours)
  5. My Eye 2's are back in the bag permanent. Tired of screwing around with clubs I don't like and can't hit any better than the Eye 2's. Hit a lot of irons over the years that I liked but never had a set of clubs in my bag that I've ever hit better.
  6. Anybody else catch the kid at Augusta today in the Drive, Chip & Putt finals with the bullseye putter? Loved seeing it. A future WRX Classics poster for sure!
  7. I wish Karsten was still alive so that Scotty could come up with some unique putter designs.
  8. Totally agree. I never could figure out how anyone could hit a fairway club that big. My go to fairway back then sounds like yours. A Powerbilt Citation 5 wood with a brass back weight. That clubhead could fit in the palm of my hand.
  9. When you can hit the center of the clubface as consistently as those guys do, you can play with a bag full of broomsticks.
  10. Great tournament! Going back to watch these old Opens has given me a new appreciation for how much the game has truly changed. We're so spoiled by the modern equipment and modern course conditions. The game is hard but it's a helluva lot easier to shoot good scores than it used to be. The abilities of the players in that era were truly incredible.
  11. Great looking clubs! Not trying to be wise but, there's really no such thing as value....only price. It's difficult to find people who are into the old persimmons anymore. So they probably don't have much value to the average golfer. But if you find the right guy who's collection is missing a particular set and you have that set...you can probably sell them. Finding a buyer is the tough part and the value is pretty much set by what they will pay for it. If your set is something extremely rare and highly collectible and a couple people get in a bidding war, then the sky is the
  12. Really enjoying looking at these old Spaldings. But the talk of their custom shop reminds me of one of the funniest stories ever. I had a friend who had a set of custom Spalding Top Flite persimmon woods with his name on them....I think his name was on the sole plates. Anyway, a friend of his hit them and just loved them. So the guy wrote down the serial numbers and contacted Spalding about getting a matching set. They did exactly as he asked and soon he received a set of Spalding Top Flite woods...with my friends name on the soleplates.
  13. Definitely the way to go. Anything with a DG shaft that I find at a thrift store always catches my eye and gets immediate consideration. You can't miss for $3-$5 a club. Bonus points if there is a nice grip on it that you can salvage.
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