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  1. I don’t think 18majors was announcing that Rose Zhang has turned pro, but rather was encouraging her to do so. Personally, I think a couple years of college life at Stanford would be a great choice.
  2. And if the statistics on the LPGA leaderboard are correct, she took 44 whacks with her putter today! That must have been traumatizing for her playing partners to watch!
  3. She’s been posting pics on Instagram of her hitting balls/practicing. I wondered if she might be working towards the USOpen.
  4. I would describe the LPGA as a worldwide tour. The original 2020 schedule (before derailed by Covid) consisted of 19 events in the US and 14 events around the world- 7 of which were in Asia. I would compare it to the WTA which plays around the world and is dominated by Eastern Europeans to a fairly similar extent as the LPGA and Asians.
  5. For a first time winner I’m going with Jennifer Kupcho or Amy Olsen (in the “about time” category). In the “over due for another win” category, it’s Minjee Lee.
  6. I miss Judy Rankin!! Paige MacKenzie talks WAY too much. And I hate “playing through”! I think they are definitely running more commercials, and you can’t really see what’s happening on the split screen. Plus my favorites’ shots so often seem to come during “playing through”. At least with the regular commercials they will show any important shots after the commercial. Other than that I’m enjoying the broadcast.
  7. I assume you’re joking or being sarcastic due to the reduced purse. I can’t imagine any professional not going all out to grab a win when it’s within reach. And as fit as she is and at her age she surely doesn’t need to conserve energy!
  8. Good choice - gives you 2 chances! I’ll go with Jennifer Kupcho.
  9. The LPGA needed to “steal from somewhere”?! I’m pretty sure Shoprite was a willing participant if part of the purse of their event went to the new Drive On tournament. Can hardly expect Mike Wahn to fund a new tournament out of his own pocket, and I doubt the LPGA has that kind of money sitting around- especially with all the extra expenses for Covid quarantines/testing/masks etc this year. As far as the “players already having arrived in Atlantic City” when decreased purse was announced- it’s quite possible the players got that information earlier than it showed up in public. And
  10. I think the explanation is that the tournament is not generating any income for sponsors: no tickets sold and especially, no pro-ams. Also they’re not able to use attendance at the tournament as a way of promoting themselves. Kudos to Shoprite for going ahead with a tournament this year and not just canceling as so many others did.
  11. The LPGA website has historically not been as informative and up to date as it could be - which is why I come to this site to see if there’s any new bits of information. But I take exception at describing Mike Whan as not a good manager. He has coordinated a Herculean job of keeping some semblance of a schedule in place for the LPGA this year, inventing 2 new Drive On tournaments to fill some of the gaps, and evidently keeping tournament sponsors that had to cancel this year on board going forward. Given the moving target of Covid restrictions and the shaky economic picture this year, that
  12. I’m pretty sure Stacy’s win in Arkansas as an amateur was only one round.
  13. Assume you’re talking about SHPark? Tom Abbot had a great line: “SHPark must be expecting a flood today!”
  14. We did get the 2 hours of coverage - IF you taped the half hour following the scheduled coverage. Golden Rule: always tape more time!
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