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  1. Even though they are cast? Maybe I will get one of them bent weak to see, thank you.
  2. Unfortunately I am stuck with the SGI clubs that I have, Mavrik Max, because I cannot afford newer clubs so I will just have to get used to landing left of target. Besides that, I really feel like I could (should) have probably gone with GI vice SGI but anyhow what's done is done. Just out of curiosity though, which Game Improvement irons have less offset for straighter flight?
  3. That girl is gorgeous, mine is on order unfortunately but I'm betting that she will do anything and everything that I need her to when she gets here!
  4. I was definitely curving my shots with the Mavrik and yes the slice was amplified. I ended up with the BB B21 line as it was MUCH more forgiving.
  5. The fitting went well, I cannot remember all of the data but I hit the BB B21 fairway 5 wood 202 yards and the B21 5 hybrid 168 yards average. My swing speed was up in the 90's. So I ended up with those two clubs because they were laser straight. I even hit the fairway from the deck with crazy ease, after a little instruction of how to swing a fairway wood which was a bonus. I'm going to hold off on the driver until after I can get a couple of lessons for it. Overall I am super excited about these clubs.
  6. Good illustration dmeeks, makes sense. I may just end up getting a 3 wood instead if the sub zero does not work out. I hit a fairway off the tee straight all day long.
  7. Good post nsxguy, this is the type of response that I can respect. Yes, the head on the 785 only appears to be more compact if you will compared to the standard and max versions of the Mavrik but that is enough to sway my decision either way. I have yet to try the sub zero but I assume that it will suit my eye like the 785 does. I don't expect great results from the sub zero as I am not a better player but we will see. Anyway, nice post and thank you for the chalk full of good information.
  8. Fort Gratiot, MI going to Golf Country. Bummer I was hoping to meet a fellow GolfWXR haha.
  9. I'm not the typical player for the sub zero model but I have tried out the more forgiving models standard and max but was less than impressed. So I am hoping that the sub zero with all of that weight back, the lighter 51 gram riptide shaft, and loft jacked up to 12.5 will give me the numbers that I need in a driver.
  10. yeah I know, but it is still interesting. I'm not a fan of the stretched back size of the standard or max. So for me, that is encouraging.
  11. I find that interesting. You would think that the more "forgiving" driver would have more weight?
  12. Wait, so the Mavrik Sub Zero has more weight in the back than the Standard Mavrik?
  13. Spoken like a true forum snob. Your great great grand children must really look up to you?
  14. Never said I was a pro and you assumed that I made up my mind. You know what, you must be old and grumpy? I'm going to give you a free pass like I do with those old drivers on the road..
  15. Here we go again.. busted by the forum police. Thanks for your "advice", keyboard warrior.
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