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  1. I finally found the setup that works for me in the long run. The journey was 'fun' but it's time to settle down and purely focus on game play.
  2. Complete iron set up to 48 degrees. The 52 and 58 are specialty wedges.
  3. Blah, I'm tired of the same Ole same Ole. I'm going full Cleveland. I know, I know, never go full Cleveland... But the Launcher XL series looks awesome from driver to hy-wood to irons they will be alright alright alright Dynamite!
  4. Think about it for a second. How much can they really change a golf ball in their "laboratories"? What gets me to buy them is the prettier new boxes. If I were in the marketing department I would inject the ball with the new and improved Omicron variant that will generate sick ball flight!
  5. I honestly don't think that Taylormade equipment is all that it is "cracked up" to be.
  6. Not necessarily equipment data per say but other things that you have to take into account such as earth rotation, wind speed and direction, and how dense the humidity is in the air.
  7. You could probably ditch the driver and use a shorter tee to tee off with the Cleveland Launcher XL 3 hy-wood. But if I were to get a driver I think that the Cleveland Launcher XL driver would be the straightest.
  8. Other than wedges I will be in 10 years from now. I like my clubs.
  9. I'll take Bryson's word for it, cobra drivers suck.
  10. I can relate to the feel of the club given the weight of the shaft being too light.
  11. The newer ones must be better because they have a nice feel to them imo. I would imagine that they changed the way that they make them over the years and improved upon them. Kind of like Top Flite.
  12. I was only joking towards DeChambeaus comment.
  13. I know this Ball gets bad reviews on here but I am glad that I gave this ball a chance. I played this ball the other day and hit a perfect drive, a perfect approach shot, and a perfect putt for birdie. Granted, I am currently a 20 handicap so maybe this ball is perfect for higher handicaps but in my humble opinion this ball has a terrific feel also. I am pleasantly surprised.
  14. I'm convinced more than ever that Cobra drivers do suck.
  15. My favorite is Maxfli Elite 2 for $30 at Dicks Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy. Feels perfect and great quality.
  16. It sounds like they got your order wrong. Did you contact Carl's Golfland to find out?
  17. I have the CB wedges but I don't care for them. I much more prefer the feel of the MD4 that I used to play before this. I will be trading these in for MD5's.
  18. Same here, they are just easier to locate. SuperSoft Yellow is where it is at for me.
  19. Yeah, I'm definitely going back to Apex with the C-taper lite shafts at 105g. I think if I work on my swing a little more I will pick up some club head speed regardless of weight. I have to go back to what feels better tempo wise and stick with it. Even if I don't pick up speed it will be worth it to strike the ball better.
  20. Srixon makes a nice driver. You can get the Z585 for only $250 right now.
  21. On purpose. I don't have a fast swing speed and I thought it would help with that. There is only a 25 gram difference but the Apex iron just feels better to swing.
  22. So I originally got Apex cf16's back when I began my golf journey in 2016. I thought that I needed SGI irons so I traded them in and now I have Big Bertha B21's with a lighter shaft. However, I am struggling with these more often than I ever did with the Apex. I had an Apex 19 approach wedge laying around that I purchased individually with the heavier 105 gram shaft and I thought what the heck I'll add it to the bag and give it a try this afternoon. Sure enough I hit two beautiful high arching shots onto the greens with it the both times that I used it. I also think that the heavier weighted shaft feels better?
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