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  1. Same here, they are just easier to locate. SuperSoft Yellow is where it is at for me.
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely going back to Apex with the C-taper lite shafts at 105g. I think if I work on my swing a little more I will pick up some club head speed regardless of weight. I have to go back to what feels better tempo wise and stick with it. Even if I don't pick up speed it will be worth it to strike the ball better.
  3. Srixon makes a nice driver. You can get the Z585 for only $250 right now.
  4. On purpose. I don't have a fast swing speed and I thought it would help with that. There is only a 25 gram difference but the Apex iron just feels better to swing.
  5. So I originally got Apex cf16's back when I began my golf journey in 2016. I thought that I needed SGI irons so I traded them in and now I have Big Bertha B21's with a lighter shaft. However, I am struggling with these more often than I ever did with the Apex. I had an Apex 19 approach wedge laying around that I purchased individually with the heavier 105 gram shaft and I thought what the heck I'll add it to the bag and give it a try this afternoon. Sure enough I hit two beautiful high arching shots onto the greens with it the both times that I used it. I also think that the heavier weighted s
  6. KBS shafts offer the C-taper shaft with either a parallel tip or a tapered tip. What is the difference and how do I know which one is right for me?
  7. I'm a fan of hybrids, I say go with the 3 hybrid and stay thirsty my friend.
  8. I think that stronger lofts maybe beneficial to us average guys whereas traditional lofts benefit the studs. I don't hit my 7 iron 200 yards. I hit my 7 iron 140 yards. There is where I can use a 30 degree 7 iron and the additional technology and wider soles what have you. Now I can carry my 7 iron an additional 10 yards and feel better about my game not to mention the additional tech gives me a steeper decent angle for a better approach to the green.
  9. The standard Mavrik is comparable to the Apex DCB. I see no reason to upgrade unless you want to of course but you will spend more money that is for sure.
  10. Ping certainly has their occult following.
  11. So will a 45.75 driver cut to 45 inches require lead tape? Or is that not a whole lot to worry about?
  12. Ping is Chrysler Fiat - poor quality but a strong cult following none the less. Callaway is Ford plain and simple. Taylormade is General Motors Chevrolet plain and simple. Cobra is Toyota - a different offering but a solid choice. Fight me.
  13. Nope but I'm done buying new equipment for the next 5 to 10 years approximately. All I need is the driver.
  14. Pin G. I don't care for the freemasonic pride. Dumb names like eye for their irons, yada yada..
  15. My thought process is the same. 44.5 seems to be the sweet spot for hitting fairways.
  16. Scott406 we are only talking 1 inch shorter than standard so not much if any on distance. I'm only 5'9" so it would make more sense to have the shorter shaft for better control and dispersion. Anyway, I can't wait to try this driver because it looks great and in all honesty I really liked the Fly-Z driver when I had it, probably should have kept it in hindsight. So how is the standard length version working out for you, good, bad?
  17. Who has tried this driver? I am very interested in it but may not be able to demo it until next week!
  18. I know that most of you are long Ball hitters but my average drive when hitting the fairway is 190 to 210 yards, sometimes 230. However most of my driver shots are not straight onto the fairway so I hit my 5 wood consistently 180 yards onto the fairway. I have ditched the driver, for now until my swing gets better. As an average amateur I somewhat agree that more long club options outweighs the need for wedges. My two wedges are 46 and 54 degrees. I more or less consider my pitching wedge a 10 iron.
  19. Yes it is enough, based on how you described yourself as a player. I went to 46 for full and pitching shots and 54 for sand and chips. Makes life a lot simpler in my humble opinion.
  20. I use 11 clubs myself, all Callaway except for the putter is a Cleveland. I'll add the 12th club one day, a Callaway.
  21. Everything listed in my signature is new so I won't be changing my bag anytime soon like in the next 5 years at least. I will be adding the B21 driver next year when the price comes down.
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