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  1. I’ve used a taylormade wrench on my titleist 915 driver numerous times. Haven’t had any trouble yet.
  2. I have a hand crafted black that has all the logo showing.
  3. I’ve got two. all titleist except lop wedge and hybrid which are older taylormade.
  4. for Me, longer irons are easier to get after than short irons. From an 8 iron through wedges, I never take a full 100% swing.
  5. Has anyone gotten rid of their 3/5 wood for a driving iron? I’ve never played fairway woods well, and have a gap between my 3 iron (21 degree loft) and driver. I’d really like to try a titleist driving iron out. Do most people go with graphite shaft?
  6. Funny you mention this....as this is exactly what happened to me too. I went from 714 ap2 with kbs tour to 716 mb with project x 6.0 and the difference is astronomical. Ap2 always had too much left for me and didn’t have the height I wanted.
  7. What did you switch to that caused you to go back? I’ve been playing the 714 ap2 but just switched to the 716 mb.
  8. Purchased this putter last week. Should be able to get out and play it this weekend.
  9. Got this putter yesterday....haven’t taken it out yet, hopefully this weekend.
  10. I play a hzrdus black 6.0 that feels almost unbearably stiff but it flat out works for me. Best performing shaft I’ve ever had.
  11. I switch between titleist 714 ap2 with kbs tour 90 and 716 mb with project x flighted 6.0
  12. Long iron 2nd shot on a par 4 that is hit just how you imagined.
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