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  1. Based on your signature, you will probably over power a made-for TM ventus stiff. The made-for ventus is not offered in X. Which X are you waiting on?
  2. I've tried 4 different 58 degree wedges, and ended going back to the EF. Down to my last clean 58 degree. Seriously considering going to Artisan and asking them to copy it.
  3. Any reviews on these? Thinking of getting a 50 m-grind and bending it to 52 so it has a bit more bounce. I use a 52/58 setup. Current 52 is a Glide Stealth 2.0. It's a great wedge, but I could use a little more heel relief to open it up in bunkers.
  4. Try a hazardous yellow in 60-gram. It will help with launch and keep spin down.
  5. You are simply trying to get the face to open in the backswing and close in downswing the same amount. Try a putter that has a little bit more toe hang. The toe hang will help the putter open more on the backswing so it matches the closing in the downswing.
  6. Interested to know if Sim fairway weight work in the Sim2.
  7. Driver both times. First time was in a simulator, broke off near the handle. Second time was at the driving range, dropped it and it just broke in two about half way down the shaft. It was the 50-gram, M4 version. I think they just don't have the strength to weight ration down for the lower weighted shafts. I would need to see some amazing numbers to convince me to buy another Accra shaft. Too many other quality options in that price range.
  8. Another vote on ZX5 for combo of forgiveness and thin top line.
  9. Not surprised that you had a TZ5 fail. I had two break on me. They replaced the first one, but did not replace the second one.
  10. I'm pretty sure that someone shows up at your house with a big check and a new Ventus shaft of your choice.
  11. In true GolfWRX style, I bought a Sim2 Ti 5 wood on Ebay this morning with a Ventus Blue 7s. So the decision has been made. After this afternoon, my wood is one thin ice.
  12. If a shaft is too flexible, you can leave it behind, and it comes in with the face open relative to path, which will cause a fade/slice.
  13. I've settled in on getting a Sim2 Ti 5 wood. But need to pick a shaft. I hit the 5 wood today with the stock tense AV raw stiff shaft at PGA SS. Launch and spin were okay (a tad high), but I don't trust it to work that great from the turf. I also have a nice insurance pay out from the Texas freeze that is burning a hole in my pocket. Looking at Diamana ZF or TB, Venus Blue, EVO VII, and Graphite Design VR or IZ. I'm thinking I would prefer a shaft in the 70-gram class that has a middle that is soft relative to the tip and butt. Leaning towards a Ventus Blue in 7s.
  14. Anyone know the specs of the old Ping Woods? I can't find lofts and lengths for the 3-wood and 5-wood
  15. Do we know if it is made from the same materials? Just because it has the same EI profile does not mean that the materials used to make the shaft have not changed.
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