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  1. Forget everything you think you know about the swing and start letting it rip without any fear about where it will go. You have a serious mental block that is limiting your speed. Pick up a baseball or football and throw it as far as you can with a maximum effort and a running start. That is EXACTLY how much effort you need to be swinging with.
  2. Sounds like good advice... but switching from a strong grip to a weak grip is extremely difficult. I tried to make that change for the same reasons and I lost 10 mph on my driver and developed bad left wrist pain. Ended up going back to a strong grip and working on my body so that I could rotate better.
  3. They do have noticeable offset. I've played a set for years and it's on par with the older Titleist blades like the 712s. I'd guess it's between 1-3mm progressive offset. Not a lot compared to most clubs but it's there. I recently built a set of Sub70 649mbs that have 0.5mm offset across the entire set and there is a massive difference looking down on both clubs. Significantly less visible offset in the Sub70s.
  4. Still a valuable club for good players but a waste of money and bag space for the vast majority of golfers. They simply don't have the speed to hit it any farther than a 5w or hybrid or any straighter than driver.
  5. You are doing the opposite of what you should be doing. You are currently taking the club back VERY flat and inside (behind you) and from there it is impossible to shallow. There is no room and you get stuck leading to blocks. What you should be doing is taking the club back steeper and more outside (in front of you). With higher and more outward hands you will have plenty of room to shallow the club in transition without getting stuck.
  6. I get it - but you can't maintain balance and you are very stuck. It's costing you speed as you can't release the club without throwing your head at the target.
  7. Appreciate the dedication but why exactly are you changing your swing into something so forced and unathletic? I mean my wrists hurt just watching those videos. There is nothing there that any PGA tour players do (maybe Berger?). Real shallowing is something that happens naturally with proper sequencing and is not from forcing your wrists and arms into that stuck position.
  8. Good question and I don't know the answer but almost nobody should be trying to get less than 2000 spin. Spin less than 2000 just won't stay in the air unless your ball speed is 170-180mph and if you do tilt the ball it's going to curve like crazy and dive out of the air. For your average single digit player with ball speeds of 150-160mph you really want spin around 2500 to stabilize the flight (reduce curve) and keep the ball in the air. Remember backspin makes the ball curve less similar to how a bicycle at speed stays upright. This is the major issue with Foresight software: Sub 2000 spin stays in the air when it really shouldn't and gives super inflated carry numbers vs. reality.
  9. The bigger problem is Foresight makes that shot out to look like a nice draw but I guarantee if you hit that shot outdoors it's a borderline duck hook. 1700 spin with that much tilt just won't stay in the air.
  10. I agree and am on the verge of buying one but how great would it be if the RCT balls give it the same accuracy into a net?!
  11. Even Trackman doesn't measure face angle directly. Radar can't do that. It's a calculation based on ball launch data compared to club path (which is measured by radar). The good news is that the calculation is easy and accurate IF the ball data and club path are measured accurately.
  12. Just depends on how much of the club data is actually measured. I think the majority of it will be calculated from ball data (face angle, face to path, dynamic loft, etc).
  13. Fusion Tracking sounds great and the option to purchase club data is amazing but without accurate spin measurements indoors the Mevo+ can never compete with the big boys. The success or failure of measuring spin indoors with the new RCT balls will determine if Mevo+ is a real improvement tool or a mostly accurate and fun to use video game system.
  14. I have high hopes but a lot of the club data is calculated from ball data so you won't get one without the other. Example: Face angle is not measured but is calculated based on measured ball launch direction and club path. Here is to hoping that the Fusion tracking will greatly improve the ball data to the point where it's accurate enough to have reliable calculations for face angle and face to path.
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