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  1. Would not go as long as a hybrid or fairway wood. Keep it to the standard (0.5in) gap between your irons. Irons are less forgiving than hybrids and woods - they need to be struck on the sweet spot with a negative AoA to perform optimally. Going with a longer than normal shaft will make it more difficult to strike consistently and will most likely influence a flatter swing with a neutral AoA. This may work off a mat or tee but you will struggle from the fairway or rough. I play my 3iron (driving iron) only 1/4'' longer than my 4 iron and rely on the lighter shaft to account for inc
  2. Ping Tour 65x is far better than the aftermarket shafts they offer at no upcharge. It's a premium shaft that has been designed with the heavier Ping head weights in mind. Very stable and tons of speed. I swing driver 115-118 and I switched to the Ping Tour from a HZRDUS Black Handcrafted 6.5 and the numbers have improved in every way.
  3. Moving weight toward the toe can increase swing weight. It's possible you are subconsciously reacting to the heavier feel by slowing your transition and firing your hands harder which would promote a draw.
  4. In my experience lie angles being off has a drastic effect on wedges and short irons. Even 1* off changes the result significantly with a wedge (it's not simply a 1 degree change in start line because the loft of the club being tilted will also change the spin axis) and it's not uncommon for a perfectly struck wedge to miss the green from 80-100yards entirely because of the lie angle. Agreed that it doesn't make as much of a difference in longer clubs.
  5. I stand corrected. Thank you I would still expect the current average to be noticeably higher than those TM averages from years ago. (6? I want to say they are from 2014). Most of the guys coming up are swinging faster than 113. Even Morikawa who was around #100 in distance for 2020 is at 114-115mph.
  6. Monte, how would you compare technique vs. athleticism when it comes to raw speed and overall potential? I've yet to meet anyone with serious speed who doesn't have an athletic background. At the same time I've seen many players who have taken years of lessons and have technically sound swings but can barely move the ball. I'm not talking about being in good shape as much as having that natural athleticism, sequencing, and arm speed. Kind of reminds me of the NBA draft. An athletic freak with a broken jump shot will almost always be taken over a limited athlete with great skill sim
  7. Can't compare Skytrak numbers off a mat to Trackman numbers off grass. That said those TM numbers are quite a few years old and would most likely be significantly slower/lower than the current PGA tour averages (especially driver). By definition half the tour will have numbers above the average and half below. That includes everything from speed and carry distance to launch angle. The key is optimizing your launch conditions to your preferred ball flight.
  8. Get on a launch monitor before you do anything drastic. Shot Scope is a cool tool but it won't show accurate carry distance which is all that matters for gapping. Also as a 9 handicap who struggles with ball striking I would use face tape or foot spray to determine impact location. My guess is that a launch monitor will show similar gapping issues throughout the set. (For example: Carry distance of your 5 iron is likely to be farther than your 4 iron but is masked by roll out). Very likely you are mishitting the 9 iron (and the rest of your longer clubs) more often than you are mishitting your
  9. Ping 410+ average lie angle = 58.5 Ping 410LST average lie angle = 57 Straight from the specifications on the Ping website Lie angle is a great way to influence ball flight. The 410+ is draw biased and part of the reason is the more upright lie angle. LST is fade biased again partly because of the lie angle.
  10. Most LPGA players have VERY flat swing planes (short height with longer clubs) and being able to get a much flatter lie angle on the LST matches up much better.
  11. It's the proven concept that swing thoughts slow you down. I completely agree with you about amateurs losing speed once they start adding compensations and get out of position. What's missing from that story is that a lot of amateurs are unable to physically produce a "proper" backswing and generate any kind of speed because it's actually out of position for their limited flexibility or physical capability. They would be better served to swing in a way that is natural and lets them generate a lot more speed than trying to force something that isn't natural.
  12. Agree with everything except that the purpose of this thread was to encourage the average amateur to swing with more natural athleticism and speed. Tour pros have plenty of speed no matter what they do but if you look at how your average amateur swings a baseball bat (or hockey stick or whatever) compared to how they swing a golf club there is usually a major difference in major muscle recruitment, sequencing, weight transfer, ground use, and overall speed and athleticism. They almost always swing a baseball bat "better" than a golf club and they reason for that is they are chasing restricting
  13. As others have said Trackman measures the center of the club head and typically reports slower swing speed than camera based monitors at identical ball speeds. Which one is more accurate doesn't really matter as they are all very consistent shot to shot. There is absolute no reason to doubt the swing speed number being reported by the Trackman and your slower speed could have something to do with "indoor swing syndrome" or being out of golf shape compared to the summer. One other possibility is if you changed driver heads from the summer. Trackman will report slightly different nu
  14. Don't worry about it until you can get outside and hit on grass. Even if the numbers on a launch monitor look too high there is a good chance that the wide sole of the club combined with hitting on a mat is having a bounce effect that is launching the ball much higher than you will see off grass. I've seen people launch upwards of 10 degrees higher off mats than grass.
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