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  1. TM Tour Preferred UDI from 2015-2016 Can find mint condition options for around $100
  2. He's going to have a hard time increasing spin AND lowering launch angle with his swing speed but I agree that everything else looks good. Would probably recommend him to be happy with the numbers and leave it alone.
  3. Agreed. It shouldn't be an issue as long as it can determine whether the path is right vs left vs neutral with high accuracy. However it will be a huge problem if the +/- 2 means that it could mistake a 1 degree left path with a 1 degree right.
  4. Your SIM is better than both PXG heads so if you are having issues with it I'd look at a shaft fitting before buying a PXG driver. Also, they aren't really on sale it's just their current marketing strategy after initially having super expensive clubs. Everything they sell is cheaply made in China and they have decided it's more profitable to lower prices and sell more product so that's what is happening. The prices are not returning to prior levels anytime soon if ever.
  5. You are clearly trolling but I'll repeat something I said earlier because it matters: I don't know a single amateur (or professional) golfer who is more likely to hit the green from 200 yards in the fairway vs. 150 yards in the rough. Your contention in this entire thread is based on something that just isn't true. Amateur golfers are bad (me included) and asking them to hit a long iron from anywhere is a disaster. In fact - most of them would probably prefer to be in the rough than a tight fairway lie because it's more forgiving. EVERY amateur I know would much rather have a wedge
  6. The game and equipment has changed and that's OK. There will be far fewer players who are able to win while giving up distance as courses continue to lengthen and the long hitters continue to hit it farther and farther. Perhaps the only "short hitter" who is even competitive right now is Morikawa and he still hits it over 300 regularly.
  7. Partial wedges and controlled short irons have nothing to do with distance off the tee.
  8. I don't know a single golfer of any ability level that is more likely to hit the green with a 5i from the fairway vs. a 9i from the rough.
  9. I really hope someone who actually knows how these metrics work and has access to Trackman and Quad will review this. The thing is there is a good chance the carry distance and spin will be nowhere near accurate but that doesn't matter IF this thing can provide accurate path and face numbers. Accurate path and face for $600 is absolutely game changing for improving your game. Far more important than accurate spin and carry distance.
  10. Just wanted to share another reason that speed is the #1 determining factor in scoring potential: I coach high school girls golf and college coaches will ALWAYS recruit a girl who averages 80 but hits the ball 250yds over a girl who averages 75 but can barely hit it 200 yds. Why? Significantly higher scoring potential. Coaching can improve short game and scoring much easier than it can improve distance. It's also why most youth coaching (girls and boys) is now geared toward hitting the ball as far as possible as you are learning the game.
  11. I have to think the ball trajectory data (ball speed, launch angle, launch direction) will be good. Those are really easy to measure for radar which gives me a lot of confidence in the club face calculation as well. Those things alone should make this unit a fantastic indoor practice tool. My burning question is how accurate the carry distance, spin, spin axis, and horizontal dispersion numbers are going to be for simulator play.
  12. I agree. If those numbers are accurate this is a game changing product for people looking to improve quickly.
  13. The good news there is that face angle is a very easy and accurate calculation to make based on accurate path and ball trajectory numbers. Trackman does the same thing.
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