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  1. Pick up a baseball and throw it as hard as you can at a target. Your body should be moving the same way in the golf swing (athletic). The golf swing is nothing more than throwing the club with your right arm. Video yourself throwing a ball if you need to see the difference.
  2. This was relief from a sprinkler head near the green and not a preferred lie situation.
  3. Are you buying heads only and building them to your specs or are you planning to use an "as is" set of blades with shafts and specs that may not be right for you? Another really good option is to look at direct to consumer blades from companies like Sub70 who can build you a brand new set of blades (649mb or 639 mb) with your specs for under $600.
  4. Only way to know is to test it. Start with 1 club and see what happens.
  5. Not too surprising as both units measure CHS differently and smash factor is just a calculation (not measured). Quad will always report higher club head speed (and lower smash factor) than Trackman because it measures the fastest part of the club (usually Toe) while Trackman measures the geometric center (slightly behind the face).
  6. I do not own a Trackman but I am friends with a Trackman rep and a True Temper rep who both frequent PGA tour events and work with players/coaches Monday-Wednesday on the ranges. I do not have an answer about the value of GCQuad normalized ball data on an outdoor range but part of the answer for increased use is certainly ease of access (giving out Quads at events) and money (heavily discounted or even free for players).
  7. The elephant in the room here is $$. Foresight has been aggressively working to get the Quad more exposure on tour ranges. They are gladly giving them out to anyone who wants to use them at these events and in with the higher profile players even paying them to practice with a Quad nearby (sometimes the Quad isn't even turned on). They are also "selling" them at significant discounts to players and YouTubers (free in most cases) in an attempt to gain popularity and usage. It's certainly working. What is very interesting to me is that none of these pros using Quad on tour ranges ha
  8. I'd be very careful about trying to groove a swing based on video and not ball flight. There is no doubt your back swing "looks" better but your transition and move through the ball looks forced and slow compared to earlier more natural swings. My guess is you will hit the ball shorter and miss left (or way right) with this current swing than your older swings.
  9. Any updates on real ball flight outside? To me it looks like you are going to miss WAY left as your upper body stalls and you flip your hands closed through impact.
  10. This. You are chasing a pretty backswing and losing the correct sequencing and athleticism needed to hit the ball properly. You are now flipping at the ball just so you don't miss it. Guessing your swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor are down?
  11. Even better if you start with your feet together.
  12. Tee the ball SUPER low (barely above the grass), move the ball back in your stance a bit and hit down on it like a 3w or iron. Taking a little divot is OK if you don't mind some scratches on your club. Once you start flushing it at your target GRADUALLY increase the tee height and move it forward until you find the sweet spot of launch/direction.
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