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  1. I went into a Dick's Sporting Goods today. I took a few swings on their new Mizuno shaft optimizer. So new to them that they don't have the software on their computer. I took a few swings and my average numbers were: 80 mph Club Speed 3. Tempo 2. Toe Down 6. Kick Angle 3. Release Factor Can someone please give me what the shaft recommendations are for these numbers? Thanks in advance!
  2. You won't see one of these everyday!I have an Adams A4 9015D 8.5* loft w/ a new Miyazaki Kusula White 61 Stiff shaft ....................$ 175.00 Shipped CONUS OBO Specs are as follows: Length 44.5" Swingweight D6 Butt Frequency of club w/ grip 255 cpms International Flex Code 4631 Winn PCI TL Grip (Shows a little wear) Shaft has been Spined & FLO'ed Notes: I am no professional painter, but this head turned out very nice. I first bead blasted the entire head. I then applied Laquer-based primer. I followed by applying laquer-based "WHITE" base coats. A couple coats of 2-part Urethane w/ flex additive was applied to finish the job.. No spray can finish was used at all. I don't expect any failures, and am pretty satisfied w/ the project. The finish did add weight to the head, which gives it a more muted sound and is equally distributed around the entire head. The face is the raw titanium surface, so NO paint will affect this "HOT" faced beast. The shaft is awesomely smooth w/ its high launch/ low spin tendencies. Unfortunately, I am a low spin player and the 8.5* head is not gonna work out. I literally hit "knuckleballs" w/ this setup (I just can't keep the ball in the air).
  3. Rob, Funny how that worked out. I wish we could've worked a trade. This shaft feels incredible, but I just tend to hang the ball on the right side w/ it. I promise you I would never hook it. The 1" tipping is a little strong for me. This shaft has VERY little spin I have a Vector Pro monitor and I was launching it at 14 degrees w/ 2200 spin.102 mph ss (Adams 9088UL 9.5*) If nothing else you guys keep this shaft in mind for a terific fairway shaft.
  4. 1) I have a MIYAZAKI KUSULA INDIGO 61 Stiff (tipped 1"). This is their 2012 newest shaft that has the 5555 balanced flex profile. The length is 43 5/8" and played at 45 7/8" in a new Adams 9088UL driver. The shaft is in perfect shape. The tip is clear and prepped and the grip end is bare. The hologram sticker has been pulled, but the engraved serial numbers are in place. This should go fast...these are hard to find right now. $ 160.00 Shipped CONUS The specs for the shaft are as follows: Miyazaki Kusula Indigo 61S .335"tip Low/Mid launch 46" 62g 4.0" .610" 5555 ifc 263 freq. 1444 3.4°torque 2) SPEEDLINE LP 13 Degree fairway HEAD ONLY that I would like to trade even for the same head in 15 degrees. I just don't have the speed to make this one fly like it should. This head is in excellent shape. Interested WRXers will simply ship me their 15* head as I will ship them mine. Even swap! No headcovers, no shafts, simple easy swap. Please send me a couple of photos of the head you are sending. First come, first serve as long as I'm getting a 15* in comparable condition.
  5. Hit this driver "the Classic" today at a demo day. It had a C. Kua 43S in it which is what I normally play in a 9064LS. I'm not wanting a persimmon look-alike, but the feel of the driver was solid and very muted. I guess I have become accustomed to a hotter sound/feel off the face, but that's just me. I was hitting into a cross wind, so the ball was getting up, but not balooning. The roll out was the highlight of the performance to me. It rolled very well considering the trajectory the wind was causing. The face of the driver has a very tall profile. The rep explained that it is still 460cc, but has a small footprint compared to the stretched out heads that are common these days.
  6. I have the following available: 1) ADAMS "Tour Only" 9032 Ti 16 Degree Shafted w/ UST Axivcore Black 79 Stiff shaft. The length is 43" w/ a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord gip. The shaft has standard tipping (1") for a 3 wood. This is an extremely easy fairway wood to hit and has great distance w/ it's low spin and titanium construction. It is in very good shape. Sorry NO HEADCOVER................................. $145.00 Shipped CONUS 2) ADAMS "Tour Only" Pro Gold Satin Irons w/ Puglielli Tour 52*, 56*, & 60* wedge set. These irons and wedges are in great shape and and are beautiful to look down at. None of the irons show any browning at all. the 7 iron has a tiny ding on the toe (full disclosure) The irons have been built using spine aligned KBS Tour shafts at a 5.0 Firm flex. The length is standard w/ the 5 iron @ 38". All shafts have the KBS labels in place and have Golf Pride Dual Durometer Cord grips. Swing weight on the irons is D5. .................................................................................................... $375.00 Shipped CONUS I am decconspec on eBay and have 322 perfect feedback scores.
  7. Miyazaki C. Kua 43 w/ Winn-Lite firm grip: "282g of fairway splitting bliss" this combo made a night & day difference over any other I've tried w/ this head.
  8. "Rarest Adams Head Issued To Nationwide Player"I have a very rare ADAMS F11 Ti Tour 14.5* model fairway wood that I picked up recently from Pro Clubs. It is shafted with a Motore F1 75 X-Flex shaft. This is probably the hardest Adams head to get your hands on right now. It has a much better look than the retail version; it sets open, is smaller, and to me has a more conventional shape than retail. The all black color is also a much nicer look than the blue and polished look of retail. When I purchased the club, I was told that is was just taken in from a Nationwide Tour player. The club is used, but retains a great appearance( Please check out the photos). This club requires a pretty strong swing, as it is anti-left and very low spin. It was more than my 105 mph swing speed could handle. I have only had it a week, I had to give it a try, but it's just too much for me. O am including a Speedline headcover and the club is equipped w/ a Lampkin Crossline Black grip. I am going to list this club at $275.00 OBO Shipped to CONUS. I am not really interested in any trades right now.
  9. If you will check out my signature you will see I definitely believe in the light weight versions.. EVERY club in my bag coupled w/ winn lite firm grips are 40-50 grams lighter than the typical weights the manufacturers are putting out. I have had zero negative issues and have added swing speed & distance. All my clubs are in the D7 range so they retain a great feel and because they don't require heavy headweights to attain the heavy swingweights, the shafts are not over flexed and perform very well. As far as the Driver, 3 Wood, & Hybrids: the Miyazakis are the lightest shafts I've ever used and at the same time the tightest dispersion and most controllable. Couple the accuracy w/ the light weight/ higher swing speeds and there is downside. I love the Adams' heads I'm using, but do yourself a favor and demo the Miyazaki(s) in the new Cleveland line. I prefer the flex profile on the 43S as opposed to the 39S, but your mileage may vary. I've added 3-5 mph to my swingspeeds since I've went lightweight, it has been a move in the right direction for me....
  10. I picked up an F11 (steel 15*) w/ Matrix Xcon 7.1 s-flex. I was so hopeful w/ all the hype. After hitting 15 balls I was ready to pass it on. If I swung very easy (my driver speed is only 100mph), I could hit a decent shot, but actually never like the outcome. I had 3 friends hit the combo (all of us 0-5 hdcp) and none of us were impressed. As a last ditch effort before selling it, I put a Matrix Altus LT s-flex (standard 1" tipping) in the head and all I can say is this is a COMPLETELY different club now. Trajectory is perfect, not laboring at all to elevate. Forgiveness is very evident as it is extremely straight. Until the shaft change, I really even questioned the feel as I just never really felt like I caught the ball flush, but w/ the Altus LT it is certainly a very solid and satisfying. This fairway is now in the bag beating out a host of other great Adams' 3 woods (9032ti, Fast 10, 3446F, FP400f). I would love to hit the F11 ti version as well as the black tour version, but as for now I have a winner. Just a note: I contacted Matrix about the Xcon 7.1 stock shaft. They told me to expect a soft profile, soft middle & tip section to work best for the general public. I am no crusher, I have a smooth tempo and don't load the shaft really hard, and this thing was still tough to hit solidly. The frequency of the stock combo was 258 cpm at 43" and D0 sw. I set the Altus LT up at 266 cpm @ 43" and D2 sw. The headweight was only 208 grams so I had to increase head weight to raise the swingweight.
  11. Give Willie a call at Pro Stix 201-213-5964 [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email] He worked the Mizuno Tour Van in the 1990's and is awesome to deal with. They deal in a TON of KBS shafts and are about the only dealer that will let you order sub flexes (i.e. 5.0, 6.0, etc) he will answer any questions you have.
  12. I am posting this because it was such a surprise find for me. I have several Adams hybrid heads (PNT2, Pro Black, Idea Pro). I have always hit my hybrids pretty well, usually playing 20-23 degree heads in place of a regular 3 & 4 iron. Recently I bought some Adams CB2 irons 4-GW, and with the easy launch of the 4 iron I decided to play 20* & 18* hybrids to fill the gap better between my 3 wood. I hit the 20* heads easily, but the 18* is just a labor for me. I have tried Matrix Ozik Altus, Fubuki, VooDoo Snv8, House of Forged shafts and all were an effort to launch. I had 2 KBS Hybrid Shafts in stock that I'd never used, so I thought; what the hell, give them a shot. These are heavier than all the other graphite shafts I tried (103 grams) , so I really wasn't expecting much at all in the way of remedy for my problem. I installed them in the 18* & 20* Pro Blacks, and fellow WRXers these shafts are the easiest and most controllable hybrid shafts I've ever hit in my life. Even the 18* is effortless. The distance is good, and I feel like they are an exact extension of my irons (maybe easier than the 4 iron). The trajectory is mid-high and straight as an arrow. I have never found many real world reviews on these shafts, but do yourself a favor and consider them in your search for hybrid shafts. I tried S300's in a couple of Titleist hybrids a couple years ago, and although the control was great, the shafts were too heavy and I didn't feel like I got any help from the shaft. The KBS is light and is a specialized shaft just for the hybrid application. It is a stepless design and really feels great. Anyone that is looking for a very low launch might look at the regular KBS Tour shaft for that (heavier weight, firmer tip), but anyone that fits in my category will like the Hybrid version. I am a 5.3 hdcp and a self proclaimed Shaft Ho and clubmaker, so trust me when I tell you I do A LOT of testing. Maybe someone else will get some use out of this post.
  13. I have a few great items for sale: 1) SPEEDLINE CLASSIC 9.5* (9.7* Actual) 200g head. A little scuffing on sole, but the crown is PERFECT. I bought this from Mezmorize several months ago, so it is 100% authentic. These are getting harder to get, this one sits .5 - 1.0 degree open and does include a 9032ls headcover. SOLD 2) SPEEDLINE 3446F 16* (14.4* Actual) Top line is good, but there is a "slight" mark on crown (something odd, not an eye sore, but I want to disclose everything). A great head w/ a super hot sound and feel. I would do better w/ a true 16* head. This is one of one hundred produced. Very anti-left , will be a great club for one of you guys. Includes a Speedline headcover. SOLD 3) FP400F 14.5* w/ Fujikura E370 Stiff flex 43". This is a low launch, low spin rocket. This entire setup is in perfect shape and comes complete w/ the Insight XTD Pro headcover. Another great Tour Only club. SOLD 5) PRO BLACK 20* This is a retail head, so it has more of a mid launch w/ the same great feel as the tour models. Comes complete w/ original headcover. The crown is perfect and the club has only been used a short time, but does wear to the face area from contact. SOLD 6) SPEEDLINE 9032LS 8.5* This is a retail club, but is in the harder to find 8.5 Loft. It is factory equipped w/ the Aldila Voodoo SNV6 in Stiff flex. The driver measures 45.5" and includes the stock headcover and a Lampkin Crossline grip. The pictures look a little weird, but this club is in Excellent shape and has no marks on the crown at all. SOLD 7) SCOTTY CAMERON NEWPORT 2.6 33" w/ 20g toe & heel weights. The putter head is in awesome shape w/ no dings at all. The grip is a full cord SC that comes stock on the Kombi putters. The shaft band is a "SCOTTY's CUSTOM SHOP" that is a little worn on the edge. The headcover is a 2004 CLUB CAMERON. The putter is not that old, I just bought the headcover because I liked the real leather and the colors instead of the Silver stock one. I assure you that everything I have listed is AUTHENTIC. The finish on this putter is beautiful and the soft feel will reassure you of it's authenticity. SOLD Note: I have many shafts that I can install if any of you are looking for a complete club rather than just the heads only. PM me if you have something in mind. Most are STIFF flex and are Matrix, UST Axivcores, Voodoo, and Graphite Designs YSQ. I'm not a dealer in anyway, I'm just another golf fanatic that has done a lot of evaluating. My only trade interests would probably be a set of ADAMS CB2 heads or an ADAMS F11 Tour issue fairway head. I am "decconspec" on Ebay and have over 250 positive feedbacks and have a 100% rating. I am in Lakeland, Florida Thanks, Robbie
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