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  1. Aldila Synergy Black Prototype 70TX - I am the original owner / bought directly from Toll Bros Ping Adapter (410/425) Measures 43.5" tip to grip SOLD
  2. Forgot to reply to your post. Please see above.
  3. Thank you, do you have any idea what people are tipping these things? A full inch seems like overkill. I avg 117 mph, medium release, average tempo.
  4. I've been gaming a Synergy black proto 70tx (tipped 0.5) for the last 3 seasons. Want to switch things up. I know theres a lot of variables at play, but what do you guys think translates better in ventus black - 6x or 6tx?
  5. I'm coming from a Synergy Black Proto 70TX tipped half inch. Thing feels ancient - need new stuff! I know there are a lot of variables, but what flex do you guys think translates better - X or TX? X tipped?
  6. PXG 0811X Gen 2 (9 degree) + PXG adapter if you want it + headcover Normal wear on sole, perfectly clean at address $150 shipped
  7. For sale is PXG 0811X Gen 2 9 degree + Aldila Synergy Black Proto 70TX - purchased directly from Toll Bros. Head has a little wear but nothing out of the ordinary, perfectly clean at address Shaft is 43.5" - plays a touch longer than 45, and tipped half an inch Head + headcover + wrench - $190 Synergy - $320 Together - $500 Would only consider a shaft trade for Ventus Black 6X depending on specifications.
  8. Thanks, I assumed the same as well and obviously visited the website haha. But, looking for more concrete feedback as I heard a rumor that it's still possible to get tee times as a non-member.
  9. Hey all, I'm trying to organize a trip to the Pinehurst area but cannot get in contact with anyone at Dormie, by email or phone. I heard rumblings that this place was planning on going fully private. Does anyone know for sure? Any info appreciated.
  10. New Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser - Used one round and is in mint condition Specs: 34" and standard lie Black paintfill, sight dot, weights, black stealth shaft, blacked out putterman grip, all done by Ping sightline omitted (they don't have heads without sightlines anymore) SOLD
  11. We are booked at Bandon July 2020. Flight choices are slim (we need to fly to OTH to make all our tee times). We are looking at one that is 1,300 bucks round trip. For anyone that has made a similar journey, does that price seem normal? Thanks
  12. As mentioned in the title, I have 1 Tour Issue M2 Tour 15 degree, head only. Asking $100 shipped. As you can tell, her best looking days are a thing of the past, but she still performs! I do not remember the official sticker specs. Bought originally from Will Peoples. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/9c/i46qio3xffgw.png
  13. $350 shipped Letting this one go because I needed extra tipping. This shaft has been tipped 0.75 inches and measures just over 43.25 inches. It plays a touch over 44.5 inches in a PXG Gen 2 Driver. Tip was installed professionally by Club Champion. Multi Compound Blackout grip
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