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  1. “...a handicap doesn’t mean s*** when judging performance...”???????? Hahahahaha classic!! The ball is amazing in comparison to the PROv1. Anyone that knows me know how outspoken I am against the prov1 line. A 3 piece ball isn't worth the price they're selling at. Same with the V1x. The taylormade ball is cheaper and reacts better. It is all about the $¤£¥. I think, when the rest of my ball stash is gone (8 dozen RZN platinum, 1 dozen Snell, 3 TP5/x, 2 dozen KSIG on and on) then I'll go MTB X. Cheap and performs. By then, TP5 will be on sale No offense but if your handicap is really
  2. So, your post was to take a shot at Bryson, a golfer you clearly don't like. Good, Good. Got it. Don't have anything against BAD except his slow play. Just used him as the latest example of slow play, as well as mentioning Langer as well. Sorry you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. ???
  3. I play Pro V1 X but keep a sleeve of Srixon Z Star XV for those windy days here in Cape Town South Africa.
  4. Personally I don’t like carrying four wedges (too many choices!). So my set up is PW 46 deg, Gap 52 deg and Lob 58 deg (6 deg gapping between each).
  5. Apologies if this has has already been covered, I did search but did not find anything: I understand that some of the HiToe 60’ and 58’ have a straighter leading edge than others. Is this true and, if so is this a case of tour vs retail versions? Just realised that it looks like I may have been off topic here and hijacked the thread, my apologies OP!!!
  6. This may be a contentious point of view but if TM are going to off load anyone then I think they should keep Rose and off load Rahm (in terms of moving the marketing needle). Rose has certainly been more visible than Rahm this past season. Just my 2 cents worth...
  7. Not shooting under par quite as regularly anymore but still gaming the same equipment. Driver:Taylor M2 9.5” 2016 model with Diamana BF 60TX shaft Irons: Miura CB1008 with KBS $Taper S+ shafts
  8. You and I must be related somehow Blade! I could not have put / worded it better myself! Amen brother. Having see a few things in my upbringing I’ve often felt i was born 30 years late. And been the odd ball more times in a conversation then I could possibly count. And it’s usually because of things similar to this. My failure to conform with the accepted male form of today. And the impending outsider status I keep up with any “ dad grouping “ I come in contact with. I just laugh to myself. As my kid is constantly cited as “ so well behaved “ ... he makes straight A’s and is a
  9. A Vokey Hi Toe wedge & more longneck face balanced blade putters. Ah but to dream...!
  10. I believe J Day reuped with TM recently. I could see Flertwood and BK going to TM. Good food for thought there! If J Day remaining with TM then maybe ‘no room’ for Fleetwood or BK at TM... Got to agree that BK possibly out of reach for Mizuno to go full deal with them. I could understand TM swopping J Day for BK if he, J Day, hadn’t possibly renewed with them.
  11. Or Fleetwod to Ping....? Mmmmmm so many options!
  12. J Duf to Ping J Day to Mizuno T Fleetwood to TaylorMade J Thomas remains with Titleist but does the sponsors bag deal eg Citi
  13. This is the exact reason why I have gone back to wearing my Icons.
  14. Once is a mistake and forgivable, twice is rude and could get unpleasant.
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