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  1. Here is my thought…shafts get old. A 15 year old set that had old standard shafts (add another 15 years of old tech) and you don’t seem to have the new feel or pop. Thought about reshafting my old hogan apex pros. Anyone else do this?
  2. I don’t like the putter either. My point is about design theft. Anyone who has had design or intellectual property stolen understands what I am talking about.
  3. I am not ignorant at all. Who cares how long I have been a member. You don’t need to attack. I posted the opinion about Costco clubs and it’s valid. You don’t have to agree but it’s not sad.
  4. Costco wedges. They take the hard work that real golf companies do in research and development to China and say make it as cheaply as you can. They stick the Kirkland name on it (as well as toilet paper, steak spice and multi vitamins) and wait for bored sheep to shove them in the cart full of crap. I would be embarrassed to put them in my bag. Have some respect for what Vokey and Cleveland (real people) and many others do for a living. Buy real clubs.
  5. Sorry, to be clear the Haywood wedges are what I was speaking about. Haywoodgolf.com forged signature wedges.
  6. I was choosing jaws wedges when an auction popped up on Haywood golf Instagram. yadayada and now I have a 3 wedge set. beautiful forged clubs, grooves are at the limit, high rev shafts are terrific. Very soft and responsive and art like in the bag. I can’t wait to hit them on every hole. And they are a Bargain.
  7. Another cobra vote. F7/ tour green shaft/half inch shorter. May look for speed zone for no good reason at all.
  8. Wow a long thread with lots of opinions. If you did enough research to find this forum continue to research and find good used clubs. They will hold value more than a box set or your neighbours 200$ garbage. Buy as current as you can. What was a legend club in 2010 is usually much less easier than modern. The industry turned to easy to hit in recent years so take advantage of that. Don’t buy stiff shafts. Buy a higher lofted driver. (10-12) Buy a hybrid over long irons. Spend more money on 5-PW irons and less on a putter. Buy only a sand wedge for now. (56) Many great deals on new and nearly new Ping, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno and TM. $1000. Is plenty of budget. As to the lesson comments, yes spend money there too...golf is not cheap but so rewarding. Lastly, find a buddy a little better than you and as passionate. There is pleasure at every level of the game. Give yourself the tools to hit 1 pure shot per hole and go from there.
  9. I have the callaway X forged UT 21, project X shaft. Point and shoot. I dream about it at night. Hot off the face, mid flight and accurate where my hybrid can miss when I need to thread the needle...which is what I think a driving iron is for.
  10. I appreciate thedefinitely a sub thread...”on course choice”.I am working on discipline. PW and 52 are full shot clubs with the exception of PW bump and run. 56 is sand and rough and utility inside 60 yards. 60 is to stop the ball. May not use 52 and 60 in a round. These are 4 clubs that can produce similar but imperfect results, and here is the point, be sure with two of your wedges. For me it’s PW and 56. Fill the gaps with clubs that work for a few shots in a round but avoid game day wild ideas like full swing lobs. Unless you are Philip Alfred Mickelson, the great.
  11. Another vote for Cobra. Have F7 and actually thinking about F8/F9 just for inventory because they are so cheap. I have also cut down .75...sidebar.
  12. I used to hit a steel shafted TM burner that I never missed. Then shafts got longer and I changed it and suddenly 5w was not the go to club it used to be. So I took my current F7 and shortened it. Now it’s more reliable again. Here is the point...most stock 5 woods are an inch too long IMHO. So cut them down, adjust the swing weight and see how it goes is my thought.
  13. IMHO...everything over GW, or over your full swing wedge if you like is for crafting shots. So, feel is everything. So much more effort are put into these clubs by the manufacturers. I cannot be convinced that Mizuno as an example has put the design effort into a 56 degree 919 that they have put into their 56 degree t20 wedge. You will feel the difference. Buy proper wedges.
  14. F7 3/4 is a treasured club in my bag. Like the adjustability, which can help for those who hook a hybrid. I have seen new F8 Hb at Golftown in Canada for $99 That’s cheap. Rails are magic.
  15. Have a set of eye 2 be 3-SW that we’re my dads gamers. Wondering what to do with them.
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