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  1. I'm curious as to why so many want club selection suggestions from a GPS device. It can only "suggest" a club from the info you already know and have entered into the program. Now if the GPS device actually knew the elevation change from your position to the target and if it knew the velocity and direction of the wind and it knew the firmness of the turf or greens, that might be a different matter.
  2. You need to buy a subscription through the app on your iPhone.
  3. I don't use the scoring function so am not sure but you may want to select the "Hole Tracking" option via the iPhone app under "FunGolf Watch".
  4. Keep score if you want otherwise it automatically tracks you on the course - lift wrist and get yardages for the hole you are on.
  5. Yes, same version. Only difference is you would need iPhone to initially download the course info. After that, leave phone at home or turn bluetooth off to use the GPS from the watch.
  6. I noticed that the other day on the first par 3 our our course. The distance looked okay but it wasn't showing a green. Is that the problem you are talking about? Yes, for me the distance shown was actually the back tee distances rather from where I was standing. I contacted them and they said a fix was underway.
  7. per Golfshot - you're supposed to turn OFF the bluetooth from your iPhone but leave it ON your AW so it uses your AW GPS while walking to your ball and not your iPhone. https://golfshotgps....ory/apple-watch I have tried that for several rounds now and the AW goes to sleep and looses sat connection. Sometimes it is close to a minute before it gains signal. VERY FRUSTRATING. I am used to a Garmin watch where all I have to do is glance down to get the yardage. Do you mean it goes back to the clock face? Set your settings to last app used. I use hole 19 without the phone and although a
  8. Are either of you wearing or carrying other electronic equipment, pacemaker, etc.? Holding your G6 while wearing a magnetic wristband? One G6 way newer than the other? One of you drop your G6's to the ground occasionally? Are both of you batteries strong and last the same period of time? Lots of things that could account for your experience.
  9. Ready to travel! 15 way Cart bag Black Men's Duffel Bag Drk Gray/Blk (out of stock but I would wait :-) Tote Bag Blk/Drk Gray/Gray
  10. My buddy had a hole-in-one last week and was playing a Srixon. With a cool dozen, my chances should improve. Thanks Srixon & GolfWRX!
  11. I haven't had problems reading but you might try Golf NAVI Pro. On my Samsung Gear S3 touching the watch face and the program speaks the center yardage. Might be the same on the AW.
  12. Both apps wanted you to input your score (or X out) at the end of the hole and would then advance to the next hole. Personally. I don't use the scorekeeper function and would like an option to not use it and have the watch auto advance to the next hole. As far as S3 and iPhone interaction - I didn't like it at all and that's why I set the watch us as a "standalone" to the cellular network. When using via the IOS app you can't answer a text message and other functions are limited. Most annoying is that the apps available to download are VERY limited. An example is that although free, neit
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