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  1. Part of me feels like they're contiuing to screw it up with the Triad marketing and this dassit character.
  2. Hot List today confirms a 2022 LaunchPad. Looks so much better than the original release.
  3. Yep. Custom expo booths can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, which you can easily spend somewhere else and get a much better return. Everything has it's own launch/release cycle nowadays with the internet so investing a decent stack of cash into an event that no longer has the cache of being "THE PLACE" to see new gear isn't really worth it anymore.
  4. Interested in the responses here. I have CBX2 in the bag now and love them. Not sure if the "upgrade" would be worth it.
  5. PGA SS was loaded with new stuff when I was there earlier this week.
  6. I have no idea who he is either. I’ve played lots of their irons going back to Di9. Great SGI sets. But you can never find them in stores and they have no idea how to tell people why they should buy their irons. Too many golfers confuse Wilson and Wilson/Staff with boxed beginner sets. Until they can have a defined consistent message people will pass them by. I hate to say it but it’s true.
  7. Yeah no kidding. Disappointed to see it go, it's just another blur between Wilson and Wilson Staff to confuse everyone.
  8. Love the Duo Soft. I'll try this ball out for the heck of it. No idea who this guy is they hired to promote the ball.
  9. The 785s (heck that whole line from Srixon) were solid, solid clubs. Unless you're looking to drop down to something bigger with more forgiveness, not sure I'd want to move those out of the bag.
  10. Why is it weird if it works for him? That's all that matters.
  11. Srixon, hands down. Sub70 if you want to go the DTC route for irons.
  12. For a little while I had a 12* 910D2 head that was the most consistent driver I think I've ever played. Wasn't the longest, but it definitely kept me in the fairway.
  13. Keep the XRs. Get lessons. Re-evaluate later this year as your game has improved. I was eyeing some XRs for my 15 year old son to upgrade from his old Cobra Jr set. They're solid clubs. Stick with them and work with someone to build a solid repeatable swing.
  14. Go someplace and let him look at and hit a bunch of clubs. I'm not saying get fit, I had to buy my kid 3 sets of irons over 5 years due to growth spurts and he'll probably end up with another set by the time he's 18, but let HIM go look at some different style heads, swing some different shafts and see what feels best to him. What you think look like shovels may look just fine to him, and if the performance is there... don't sweat the lofts. There's way too much of that when in the real world it's not going to make a huge difference.
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