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  1. And then when they invest weeks of time to implement this system, it takes time away from other duties and folks like you will find another thing to whine and complain about. Y'all act like these OEMs have people sitting around twiddling their thumbs or something.
  2. Designing clubs to help provide forgiveness on a common miss isn't "designing them to be hit fat". You're right that some designs will work better for others. But bottom line OEMs are going to make clubs that will benefit the largest portion of their customers.
  3. I'd think the W/S CBs would be a consideration, great clubs with none of those terrible "slots and grooves" that you can't see on the sole of the club at address...
  4. Some good options in here and glad the OP was able to find something for his son's specs. My now 15yo is using a set of W/S D200 with graphite R flex shafts that I picked up dirt cheap, he used them his last year in PGA Jr after graduating up from a Cobra Rickie Jr set. He's a wild overswinger but gets the ball out there pretty decently, and his pro just worked on straightening out his ballflight a bit. He was in a US Kids driver that worked really well for him until he shot up, he currently has an F6 in the bag. The biggest issue his pro usually sees with kids & g
  5. Cleveland seems to be on a 2 year cycle, not sure what they can do to improve the CBX2, love those wedges.
  6. I had a static fitting a few years back at a golf shop and at my height/wingspan standard length sets in R flex are right in my wheelhouse. So if I want a new set I'll see if I can hit them on a sim first more to see if the shaft feels good and gives good dispersion. But I've bought more than a few sets on a whim and can only really remember one that I sort of regretted and that was mostly due to me thinking I was a better ballstriker than I actually am.
  7. I've done that twice - first with a set of Speedblades and the other was a set of Diablo Edge. No shame there, swapping back is far better than staying with something that doesn't work and getting frustrated (and seeing your scores suffer!)
  8. Yuck. I've been a fan of the QST but there is no way I am trying one of these.
  9. How's the top down view? Do they look like they have a lot of junk in the trunk at address?
  10. I wonder which ball plant that one came out of
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