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  1. It's anecdotal, but I prefer to use the range at my local muni that pretty much stocks their buckets with found balls from the course. I feel like there's noticable differences in flight and distance vs the driving range that uses Pinnacle range balls, especially when I'm working on shorter wedge shots.
  2. Cobra and Callaway have always had places in my bag, but I am looking hard at the Cleveland Halo line in 2022. Going to head up to PGA Superstore next month to try some out.
  3. I had a King Cobra LD Speed back in the day that I thought was even worse, TBH.
  4. Depends. When my son was playing PGA Jr his pro was very much against parents cutting down full size irons due to how stiff it made the shafts and kids had trouble getting the ball up in the air. Odds are you can find a very inexpensive junior set in their size on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist from kids who gave up the game quickly. Got my son a new in box Cobra set for around $50 that way.
  5. I go 4w then 7w just for a bit better gapping after the driver, but in the end it's all about what works best for you.
  6. I learned that constant stretching and exercise can not only make my back feel a lot better, it can add distance through the bag.
  7. Same here. I have a 3w but it's lofted up to 4w territory and it works out a lot better for me.
  8. Good friend just cracked the face of his. Had it in the bag for 7-8 years easy. He tried other Cobra and TM drivers but always went back to the L4V.
  9. I used to be 100% anti-Titleist, thinking everything they made was for the "better golfer", until I hit a few drivers and they worked perfectly for my swing. Kind of changed my feelings on them, but I still just do not get along with ProV1s. I will not ever consider PXG.
  10. Took me a long time to figure this out and get my brain to think about the target and just swinging the club to send the ball there. But once I did...
  11. A friend got from a 12 to an 8 with the Launchers and absolutely loves them. Just a level of consistency he's never had.
  12. I know what I like when it comes to feel and I try to go with something that fits my swing and my budget since I do tend to lose a few balls per 18. For me, I like to try a couple of different balls during a twilight round, hitting them with driver, 7i, and wedges to see which one performs the best/most consistently for me. Putting matters as well, if something feels like mush off the face it's just not going to work for me.
  13. I'd say just keep gripping down if it's working for you. If you're hitting the ball decently just keep on going with it.
  14. Cleveland sent me a certificate and Maxfli/DSG a dozen SoftFli since that's the ball I was using. Pretty cool of them. I had tagged them both on Twitter with the pic of me at the flag and they DM'd me for info.
  15. Yeah it just may be something with the particular design/face thickness to that model. I'd try and look into something else at this point.
  16. I moved to midsize grips a number of years ago and almost immediately noticed that my hands and arms were more relaxed. I felt like I had a better grasp of the club without feeling like I needed to grip it too tightly. It definitely made a difference for me.
  17. If I'm at the range, I'll take a break for 10 mins and just relax, maybe hit a few short pitches to get things working again. If I'm still off, I walk away. If I'm on the course, I'll club up and just hit punch shots around the course to get the ball moving forward. Isn't always pretty but something about doing that tends to sync things back up for me after a few holes. If it doesn't, I just won't touch the clubs for a week to clear my head and take a break.
  18. I can't say I've ever had a problem opening up my CBX2 54*. I wouldn't hesitate to put a 58* in that spot at all.
  19. This time of year I know I'm going to shoot worse scores. It is what it is. Cooler temps make it harder for my back to stay loose, even when walking. Plus I have a lot less range time since a lot of places are mats only at this point and my elbows don't get along with them. I just sort of accept it, and I'm happy that I'm out there still playing golf at this point in the season.
  20. If I'm feeling good, 4 wood. If I'm not feeling so good, Heavenwood.
  21. Good gravy, and that's actually the bidding price too, not the BIN. Wow.
  22. Pros aren't the same as amateurs who want the latest and greatest shiny in their bag because they think it'll help them drop a few more strokes. They depend on their sticks to earn a living so they're going to stick with what they're comfortable with, and know work for them (see the Bubba examples above). Plenty of other pros with other OEMs that have stuck with older clubs due to comfort level (Stenson, Phil, Day come to mind) and they know exactly what they're going to do on the course. Many pros have mentioned working with new lines on the range for months before feeling comfortable enough to put them in their bag to rely on them when it counts.
  23. This club is money out of the sand. Not good for much else, though. But it's pretty much a guaranteed out regardless of the situation if you're in the bunker.
  24. I said I wasn’t interested in getting into a discussion of PXG’s overall pricing and branding, we’re simply discussing the price of a “beginners” set at $1700 regardless of the name on the clubs.
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