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  1. The link for more info: https://news.callawaygolf.jp/special/toulon/
  2. On the Callaway site from Japan, they get some real heat over there.
  3. Please tell me these are coming to retail here in Europe, those clubfaces :o
  4. Shape looks different to the current MD Forged wedges. A bit rounder. Will need to see an address pic.
  5. Available in two finishes, only available in the 'C' grind. The new Tour Gray finish looks stunning.
  6. The one ball (called R ball) is coming the 18th of May in Japan together with some other cool putters. Hope they come here soon :)
  7. Hi guys, I hope this is the right spot to post this.. ;) I’m 17 years old, this year is my 4th season playing golf. I bought my current iron set 2 years ago I believe, Callaway ’15 XR 4-pw,aw totally standard with True Temper Speedstep 80’s regular flex. When the new X Forged was teased, I thought: “I need those”. I don’t like the amount of offset the XR’s have, and my balls are all going left. Only when I force it to the right it goes that way to the right. Uncontrollable, and frustrating. The flight is high, that’s nice because it stops quick, but that's all. So I think of a set of X Forge
  8. I am living in Europe,the Netherlands, not in stores here for now though, the same for the X Forged and chrome MB, but I can get my hands on them. I need to see and hit them all asap haha. I am willing to get some sets if possible, but shipping will not be cheap...
  9. I see that Toulon staff bag a lot nowadays, it makes me want one...
  10. I think this info isn't shared already; The Atlanta is coming in SB aswell, RH only (H4 has 30degrees toe hang, SB 15 degrees) The Indianapolis in CS (maybe fully black too then?) 10 degrees toe hang and RH only The Portland is H3 (31degrees toe hang) and H4 (34degrees) (Portland models are both RH only). All coming standard for retail, with AR and MR options. All full shaft as I can see.
  11. These are coming to retail: Photo: Instagram Odysseygolf
  12. I would get this putter if this exact same model is coming to us:
  13. Just spotted these on the Japanese website. Also in yellow, and I'm 100% sure we will see some Truvis as well. According to the test program Callaway had for the Callaway community, these will be available in US and EU too (I assume so as you could choose from a normal and an X). Something with inserted Graphene? Now hoping the Chrome X Soft releases soon too.
  14. Well, I think I can confirm (and make people happy) that the MD4 comes in 3 finishes. Chrome, black and RAW. Yeah, that raw needed Caps Lock ;) They are on the USGA Conforming List, so they can bring them out to the public too I guess? Listings are LH too. Maybe someone can confirm the release of the raws? Also the little weights in the ports are at some lofts (also at the pictures). Didn't find anything about new PM-grinds :( Raw: Chrome:
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