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  1. I prefer Prarie landing, but will probably be in the minority. More of a I hate that we can be in a 3 week drought and I'll still get mud balls there. It drives me crazy how much they water.
  2. Wish the 270 would make a major appearance. Will be getting the Zits though, I think these look great. 90s are cool too, I just don't like the feel.
  3. Obviously they aren't, but if someone showed me those two pictures I would 100% think those were fake. They look nothing like the original.
  4. Anyone going to be at Bandon the next couple weeks want to pick me up one of these water bottles and mail it to me? I'm hoping they still have them in November - great deal, $20 for a yeti. Wish they were online. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/blog/bandon-dunes-and-freshwater-trust-team-yeti-reduce-single-use-plastic
  5. I agree. I always just wear pants at Bandon. It never gets super hot there anyway. Plus I don't hit fairways so I prefer to keep the tall stuff off my legs - a lot of times it is damp, hate that feeling.
  6. Nah, Fenway is great and older. I'd hardly consider PNC, Oracle Park, Camden, Busch etc super malls lol. Wrigley only has 1 rain delay aided championship . I'm only kidding around. Again, I think lawsonia is super unique and fun. If you're a big architecture guy it is a must play. I just think it is overrated.
  7. delegitimizes the entire list. In all honesty, that is the worse top 100 list I have ever seen. I said it on a different post. It is like they are trying to be trendy - Shocked that Sweetens wasn't up there with Pebble. It is so "underrated" that is has become probably the most overrated. 23 is a disgusting rating. The wrigley comparison is pretty good. Wrigley is a massive hunk of junk that smells like pee, but people glorify because it is old, different and unique. Lawsonia is cheap and different. Has a strong layout by pretty iconic duo - Langford and Moreau, it is unique and d
  8. Not to get too off topic, but that list is trash.
  9. I wear both the Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes and the React Infinity running shoes. Same size in each and I feel they fit very similar.
  10. You are right. Not a knock. My qualm with Lawsonia isn't the course its self. It is really good. People do it a disservice though by building it up to something it isn't. I enjoyed it, but I left thinking I didn't need to make that drive back from Chicago ever again and somewhat disappointed. But, I probably wouldn't feel that way if I didn't have those expectations coming in that it may be the best course in Wisconsin. 100% I have played 16 of the top 20 public courses in the country and a bunch in the top 100 and a few good ones in Scotland. Mammoth Dunes sticks out over just
  11. Well we don't disagree all that much. We'd both play the SV courses over LL. I think the point is people here claim it is better than those, whistling straits, Erin Hills etc.
  12. Lawsonia is good. It is also the most overrated course in the country. It is a fun course, nice layout, good shape etc. The problem is the hyperbole around it. People start saying it is the best course in wisconsin/midwest/US (if you look you'll find someone saying that on wrx), when it just isn't. If I had 10 rounds to split between Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes and Lawsonia Links I don't think I play 1 of those there.
  13. Greg at Cantigny. John at Mistwood is who I used before switching to Greg. Both are good, but I wanted a different view tried Greg and thought the experience and his vision were much preferred. He is a little younger, and I really enjoyed his approach. He didn't try to tear my entire swing down and start over to create a "perfect" swing. He also fixed things in my first session that somehow John never mentioned and things that made a massive difference in my consistency.
  14. 100% they look awesome, that is why I bought them. Probably going to be my summer casual shoe.
  15. I think it's because they are so different from my Zits, like an actual athletic shoe, that I usually wear and my nike running shoes. 90s feel like boots or something.
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