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  1. The above post kind of hit it, but I just wanted to chime in and say I love indy golf. I live in Chicago but have family down there and go a 5 or so times a year and play. A lot of good options north of the city and you'll have to check out the brickyard course as well.
  2. They can't make a shoe that fits every single foot comfortably. I guess they could/should offer wide versions (if they don't). 270 Gs were the most comfortable walking shoe I've ever had though.
  3. John Platt is good and who my wife and I worked with in the past. Have fun.
  4. I always order $150+ from trendygolf to get free shipping. If I am buying a pullover or something I'll order 2 and return the 1. Free shipping + free returns when your order is over $150
  5. Does anyone know of someone doing this? I never heard of this, that is a challenge I'd love to accept. Probably pretty tough with how busy it is in the summer.
  6. This must be before my time, I started posting 3-4 years ago and have never heard of Danielle!
  7. I'm saying adding bunkers to it isn't necessary and would add nothing. Maybe you know more than Coore and Crenshaw though, how would bunkers improve on their design? What do you think bunkers add?
  8. Why would bunkers add to the appeal? Bunkers only cause big issues for bad players. Most good players would rather be in a sand bunker than a thick sod bunker that you have no idea how your lie will be or how the ball will react. The sod bunkers are in a way easier for bad golfers and can cause bigger numbers for good players compared to a normal bunker.
  9. Which top 100 list? GD?
  10. I actually was going to say The Old Course as well. I agree, I think it was 330 for 2 rounds (Old and Castle when I went). Which is a hell of a deal. 2nd answer would be Bethpage Black.
  11. 2021, just my wife and I. The only course that they lady told me there would be trouble if we wanted to move anything was Sheep Ranch. But everything else was pretty easy to move around. I was surprised to get anything at all. When I called to cancel our December trip a few weeks ago I asked to move it fully expecting to be out of luck.
  12. Does anyone go to Bandon for Thanksgiving? I am headed there the day after for 5 days. I am surprised that I was able to get a room easily, when I canceled my December trip in December, then add an extra day a few weeks later without problem. I would think it would be a pretty busy time as it is the first week of winter rates.
  13. I sent mine back as well.. They are low quality sneakers, not golf shoes.
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