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  1. Those are one of the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever seen in my life.
  2. The wedge gapping is definitely the biggest change for me as well. I honestly am still trying to figure out the best set up. I may have my old wedges bent from 50-56 to 52 - 58. But then my bounce will be out of wack. I feel like the 48* is a lot hotter than my 50* though.
  3. new in box, sz 9. $235 or looking for a pair of the air max 270s white and blue.
  4. Has anyone seen the white and blue 270s available anywhere? Having major troubles finding them.
  5. Sweetens is awesome, but to say there are only 25 better public courses is INSANE. GolfWeek loves to overrate the "woke" golf courses. Anything langford and morrow, cult courses like sweetens etc.
  6. Fresh delivery. I think I'm going to keep the victory tours, the base material is a leather feel so my concern about them being hard to keep clean isn't too high. Probably get rid of the ZITs because I have the grey and blue that is somewhat similar.
  7. I'd check out Naperville CC. Obviously private, but they have great deals depending on the age. I have a few friends who are members there and it is where I was going to join if I wasn't moving out of the area. Great practice area and a fun course. If that is out of the question, Bolingbrook offers a pretty solid membership as well. I live in the area and have a "membership" to Seven Bridges. It is cheap, but no practice facility and the course is just slightly above average.
  8. Got the ZITs and Victory Tours. Going to return the one I like less probably. Really depends on the VT material.
  9. Where are you at and what type of drive are you looking for?
  10. Right.. I get wanting healthy grass but wet, muddy fairways are just as bad and maybe more undesirable for golfers as dried out areas. They are stopping 1 problem and causing another. The other being worse is most golfers eyes. Obviously you can't lose your course, but I'd argue there is a middle ground somewhere between burnt out and constant soupy mess. I don't play HoE for that reason, would be one of my favorites is fast/firm conditions.
  11. Every pair of shoes I have had with suede on them has been a huge pain to keep clean. Get some dirt on there and they are basically done. That may make my decision easier if I have the opportunity I will just go with the ZITs.
  12. Looking at the Victory Tours, what is the material of the main part of the shoe? It almost looks like a soft fabric of some sort. I thought it would be leather, up close it looks like an impossible shoe to keep clean. Am I looking at this wrong?
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