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  1. Is there not a 2022 lottery or did it already happen? I thought it was usually fall the year before but I didn't see it on the site.
  2. Could do Streamsong. Hard to lose balls there for the most part. Black has massive fairways. For high handicap it is nice because you can swing away, find your ball, hit into big greens etc. 3 great courses there though.
  3. Usually released first week in October. From what I was told last year, not including the ocean course was a one year thing. Hopefully that is true. Otherwise the deal isn't even worth it since the other courses are just average.
  4. Just an update. Wore these today and they felt different than all of my other pairs. Much more cushioned feeling? My wife threw them on too to compare to her zits and said the same thing. They feel extremely comfortable and soft which is strange because they are the same model/line?
  5. Irish is better than both courses at Blackwolf Run, but not worth playing instead of straits. Also I'd assume the stands may still be up depending on your trip which is pretty cool.
  6. A lot of people that make that complaint have never played Pebble . I actually really enjoy the inland holes.
  7. Those are a shockingly different shade of light blue, almost non existent. Still not bad but, takes them down a tiny notch for me. Will these be out this week?
  8. I take it you scored a few shots under your course handicap then?
  9. Blackwolf Run is the most overrated course in the country. If I could play 10 rounds between Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes and Blackwolf Run it would be split 5-5 at the SV courses.
  10. The thing is, there is good public golf in Chicago and Illinois. I think TPC Deere Run is better course than Cog. Then there are definitely a handful that compete with it that definitely aren't top 60 in the country. Great point on Southern Dunes and WekoPa. Quintero is pretty, but the layout isn't great at all. I love Southern Dunes, it feels different than everything else in the area.
  11. 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,26,29,33,34,47,55,56,59,68, 78,83,90. After the top 20 my list really thins out. But there are some awesome new courses listed that look really interesting - The Mclemore Club, Grizzly Ranch, Black Diamond Ranch, Ozarks National are all on the list to play. Sheep Ranch this fall and hopefully a bunch of the Pinehurst courses this winter/spring. I don't know how Cog Hill keeps staying in the top 60. I like the course and played it 5 times a year the past 6 years but there are more than 60 better courses than Cog.
  12. I'd rather over heat and be dehydrated than drink out of those bacteria jugs. Working at a golf course and seeing that they were never cleaned or sanitized and filled with a hose was enough to keep me from drinking out of them. Also seeing people open the top and scoop ice out etc. Stuff is gross.
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