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  1. I'm pretty sure the burgundy pair is the nike air zoom 90 it
  2. I can't tell just because of the lighting. Is this the black finish or blue finish?
  3. Lemme guess. It was that one ball out there on the toe that sent you straight to the BST to post these
  4. Part of me wants it just because it looks like yours sits open. Mine sits closed and I hate it
  5. This is the exact setup I play just $500 cheaper than I got mine for. Why couldn't you have put this up earlier
  6. Wow this is rare I somehow found another human with the same clothing sizes as me! I just saw those zooms today for the first time and I'm having to resist since I just got some new white kicks
  7. Is that a stroke lab type shaft in there or am I seeing things?
  8. The more I pay attention the more I realize I want one of these so bad
  9. How do those Roshe's fit? I can be between 9.5 and 10 at times but I need a new pair of white
  10. Used 27 holes or 53 times if you really want to know why selling Yep ok I get it now ??
  11. Man that's a clean setup great shafts in them too
  12. Well now you got me curious haha. Yep Wabash is Crawfordsville which yeah seems like for the most part I'll have to do a bit of driving to get anywhere but seems like the Purdue courses and Trophy Club are solid picks. Saw TC has a $350 pass for 10 rounds weekdays which I might have to get if I end up liking the course.
  13. Hey y'all, I'm moving to Indy this fall (hopefully) for college at Wabash. Wanted to see if I could be a bit of a part of the community and see what courses kinda in my area would be good public tracks to play when I get bored of the local CC. Nice to meet everyone and hope to get some golf in with some of you in the future.
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