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  1. It’s an LAGOLF. prototype. It’s mentioned in their website along with dechambeau.
  2. I appreciate the reply but I was watching the PGA tour live and it’s definitely not a Ventus Black. Is there a black “ACCRA” something?
  3. What driver shaft is Dustin Johnson using at Congaree Does anyone know please reply. Thanks
  4. Is Feng’s caddie the normal caddie for Amy Olson? Or is it just a striking resemblance?
  5. No interest because No Tiger. Bryson is no where near an equivalent regardless of what Bryson may think.
  6. Taylormade M3 10.5 degree with Fujikura Speeder 64 gram Tour spec shaft X. With HC. Plays 45” - SOLD Titleist 913D 9.5 degree with Fujikura Speeder 74 gram Tour spec Shaft X flex, with HC. Plays 44.5” Brand new Diamana 60 gram Dialead shaft never used with TM tip. 45” came with the M3 and was the wrong flex. Vokey 56 with 10 bounce KBS Hi-Rev shaft 36”. Each individual item can be purchased for $75. Not interested in trades. Will entertain offers.
  7. Brand new never hit. Plastic still on head. I’m going to use my hybrid. With HC and wrench. Midsize grip. $270 shipped. No four week wait if bought new from Titelist.
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