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  1. Managed to get 9 in over the weekend. Par 36. Went birdie ,birdie, birdie, bogey, par, birdie, par, birdie, par. -4 32. Missed a 4 footer for par on the 4th and missed a make-able 18 ft eagle put on 17. Felt good to play by myself and not have to worry about anything for a change!
  2. Great round! I enjoyed reading along and picturing the shots. As I read through, I feel like #8 should be in bold as well. You're even going into the long par 3 and put it in the sand. To get up and down from the bunker to save par, and remain at even going into the par 5 9th, would have been a big boost for me mentally!
  3. In our little weekly men's league this past week, a couple of us got to talking about our best round of golf. Immediately, I thought back to the 13th hole. It's par 3, the #1 handicap hole on the course, with a couple front bunkers, OB right, trees left. It measures at 190 to the middle. That day there was a pretty good breeze, probably 10-12 mph coming into our face and left to right, pushing any ball that gets hung out right, OB. I was vividly aware of my current lifetime best score within grasp, and frantically attempting not to visualize it disappearing with a push/fade that drifts OB, carrying my tears of despair with it. I pulled a 5 iron, I remember thinking to myself that it is definitely a full, hard 5 with the wind, maybe even a 4. If I go with the 4, and try to make a nice, easy swing, the chances of me blocking it increase, whereas my miss when I try to jump on one is almost always a pull hook. Obviously not the best line of thinking when trying to make a golf shot, I'm aware. I pure the 5 with a gentle draw, landing it softly on the center of the green. I wish I could end this tale with a 18' right to left breaker that died in the center of the cup, but I was completely satisfied with a two putt par. Of all the golf shots that day that led to my best round ever, that 5 iron sticks in my mind the most. I would like to hear some of your stories, what shots did you make, or maybe you caught a good break on a bad swing, that eventually led to your best round?
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