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  1. Can anyone compare the Ventus Black 9x to a Tensei White 90tx? Tehy're the same weight but do they feel or launch anything alike?
  2. Im also interested if anyone has used in a fairway. I'm looking for a new FW shaft for tsi2. I play the Ventus Black 6x in driver and it's money and a Tensei White 90tx in hybrid which is also perfect. Trying to decide between a Ventus Black or Red in 8x or 1k in 8x.
  3. Bought em! It looks like the shafts are Tour Issue x100's. Exact same specs not lighter which is great. I can compare them to my Mp100 with Nippon 125x. I played x100 for years until the 125's came around.
  4. Found a Z945 set in Japan, 4-P almost look brand new with Tour Issue DST x100. It looks like it's a softer / lighter x100 made specifically for Srixon. Debating pulling the triggerwithout ever hitting them.
  5. For those wondering about swingweight and CPM's. It's in Japanese but all info is printed in the video.
  6. Are either the 945 or Z Forged forged by Endo?
  7. What other blades have you gamed? What makes the ZForged the best? Is the V sole different on those? Are you a shallow or steep player?
  8. That seems to be the consensus. Once you've tried them they are the best. I've seen lots of Mizuno converts on here. I just don't find the newer Mizuno "special". That's why I choose to play such old irons for so long. Now form what i've heard, the 945 and now ZX7's are that.. special. Problem is, after playing such a minimal offset pure blade I don't think I can even play the ZX7's. Those also seem VERY long in terms of distance. I'm coming form the old lofts so even the 945's are going to be much longer. I would expect the ZX7's to be too much. Been scouring Ebay for a while, It looks like the 945's are holding their value quite well. If anyone on here has a nice set, let me know. I think that's the ones i'm going with until Srixon releases their new line in 2022
  9. I never thought the day would come that i'd play anything but a Mizuno blade. I've played 3 sets of MP33's since 2001 and this set of MP100's... Same thing.. I am seriously intrigued by Srixon blades. They seem very similar in blade length and offset specs which should be an easy transition. Now my main question. Which one should I go for? My front runner in looks and reviews is the 945, . Any reason to look at another model?
  10. For any very low offset blade players switching to these, has the increased offset affected ball flight? I am more shallow and neutral in attack and path, usually play a dead straigh ball to slight draw. I find with too much offset it's harder to hit the fade and the over draw comes into play. Currently in the Mizuno MP100. How much would you need to bend these weak to see a similar offset to Mizuno?
  11. Where I am I can not demo clubs and shafts. However the popularity of Ventus has me wondering if I can improve on driving. Currently have AD BB7x and it's great. Which Ventus would be most similar in feel? If a shaft is too stiff I tend to try and help it up vs just swinging smooth.
  12. Anyone hit them? I am in South Korea and this is a stock offering. It's a lighter, slightly counter balanced x100 profile. I play the Modus 125x in my MP100's now but these have my interest being slightly lighter and higher torque. Thinking of giving them a go in ZX7's.
  13. I'm in the same boat. I have a TSi3 with an AD BB 7x that feels great but I am looking for the next best thing. With so much hype on Ventus it seems like the one to try. What I like about the BB is the ease of loading. I don's over swing it or flip at it trying to load it harder. It's just smooth. I want the stability of the Ventus with that ease of loading. Does the Ventus Bllue match up best to the bend profile of the BB?
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