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  1. If there is a sliver lining to the story it is that it was only a golf ball that hit her car and not a bullet from one of the 1,600 reported gunshots in Minneapolis during June.
  2. Hogan makes some great player irons with the V Sole. I made the switch from Mizuno to their Ft Worth 15 irons and could not be happier.
  3. One dot will survive hundreds of shots
  4. It makes a big difference and is well documented. You can order the dots directly from FlightScope, Trackman, or a 3rd party that lists them on eBay. Alternatively, you can create your own a using a paper hole punch and aluminum duct tape purchased from your local hardware store.
  5. Did the golf ball have a metallic dot on it? Trackman and FlightScope require the dot to measure spin indoors. If the spin is calculated it is displayed in italics.
  6. Did the golf ball have a metallic dot on it? Trackman and FlightScope require the dot to measure spin indoors. If the spin is calculated it is displayed in italics.
  7. I think you'll have to purchase the full license. The $300 annual fee allows you to play online while the $600 add on gives you access to more courses in addition to online play.
  8. The Mevo+ will work with PC but you need to purchase the PC version of the e6 software separately($2500). The e6 version that is included with the Mevo+ only works on IOS.
  9. Does anybody have an idea of when the actual release to the public of the Mevo+ is expected?
  10. e6 Connect is $2500 on its own. It will be interesting to see if FlightScope has worked out any discount packages for the e6 sim software or include the Awesome Golf software with the Mevo+.
  11. FlightScope's application with the FCC states the Mevo+ is going to be using similar 24GHZ s-band frequency microstrip patch antennas found in the original Mevo. The Xi series utilizes 10.5MHZ x-band frequency radars which are much more powerful and have much higher definition to accurately measure data points, especially club data. Most any radar is good at accurately picking up speed of an object like a golf ball. The accuracy of the Mevo+ will not match that of the Xi or any other radar unit like Trackman that also uses 10.5MHZ radar. https://fccid.io/QXP-LJ361/Test-Report/Test-Report-FD
  12. For those of you that got this promotion back in October the 3-month free trial is near its end. You have to email support to cancel otherwise they will start to charge you for the annual subscription. It's the dead of winter in MN so I cancelled but they did offer to extend the free trial through May 1st.
  13. It is $1,000 for 12 months of support but is only necessary if you need repair work done and the extended warranty becomes active right away. Here is a link to the full agreement https://flightscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/FlightScope_Support_Agreement_2019.pdf
  14. FlightScope will sell you a service agreement on the TM Tour Preferred version. The legs on my unit did not auto-level anymore and the support arm was a little loose. They fixed both issues and registered it in the new name no questions asked. The 5-year user agreement on the TM versions have all expired which is why you see more popping up on the secondary market now.
  15. I really liked the F9 and it performed well but not as good as the LTD Pro I put back in the bag. The F9 gave me a couple extra MPH of ball speed but I couldn't keep the spin down with it and didn't improve my dispersion much.
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