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  1. It is cracked. My friend had the same issue with his. He bought it brand new after release. And after less then 6 months of owning it. It has the same crack as you have. Taylormade sent him a new driver.
  2. I’ll take it to my local repair shop. And have them see what they can find. I’ll report back later.
  3. Apex 19 pro model is .355. Standard apex 19 is .370. I have the apex 19 pro model. Titleist T300 is tapered like the apex pro.
  4. Is it a possibility that my shafts are made for instead of the real deal MMT? I’m thinking he must have bought the irons off the rack instead.
  5. No, everything looks spot on. We compared each of my shafts to my friends shafts. I honestly didn’t think there was fake MMT out there.
  6. For the last couple of months. I have been playing Mitsubishi MMT 90 stiff in my apex 19 pro. I purchased it used off of eBay. The seller stated that the shafts was purchased brand new and had a reputable shop install the shafts. And also pull the shafts. He stated in the auction that it didn’t work out for him. Said that the shaft was to stiff for his liking. He stated the shaft set consisted of 5-AW. So that’s what I used it for in my set of apex 19. When I got the shafts. I had my local shop do the install. So here is where I started having second thoughts. I went out to go play a
  7. Switched to a set of MMT’s and no elbow pain. My elbow thanks me every time when they aren’t sore and in pain.
  8. I’ve been searching online. And I’ve been reading mixed results for people that have installed golf simulators with 9ft ceilings. I have a new house being built. It has 10ft upstairs and 9ft downstairs. My wife prefers it to be downstairs so it’s not wasting a room upstairs. So I’m stuck with 9ft ceilings. I’m 5ft 9in, my driver length is 45in. I’m gonna build my own mat at about 2-3in thick. I haven’t picked out a simulator yet. I’ve called 3 companies and they said I would be totally fine with 9ft ceilings and standing 5ft 9in. Anyone have 9ft ceilings that stands around 5ft 9in and can use
  9. Signs up to complain about how poorly Ping customer service is and their product on a 7 year old equipment. You get the responses accordingly.
  10. Your right, it could have easily been poor quality work on Pings part. Or it’s him that’s inflicting the damage and expects Ping to cater to his needs. Lots of variables here.
  11. I have 2 friends that are playing sets of Ping G30 irons since 1st day of release. Not once have they had any issues. Really surprised you didn’t complain about having to replace worn grips.
  12. Selling some items tonight to unload to help out with family medical bills. So no trade offers please. I only need and want cash. I’ll have the items for sale with me tomorrow. And I can have them shipped out immediately upon receiving payment. Please no lowball offers. I will ignore it. For sale I have 2 Titleist U510 3 and 4 hybrid irons. Both irons are stock length, loft, and lie with Project X smoke shafts. The 3 iron has regular flex and the 4 iron has stiff flex. Purchased these both brand new sometime around April-May of 2020. 3 iron is 20 degrees loft,
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