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  1. I would honestly find it annoying if the loft was stamped instead of the iron number. I find it weird to have to say I used a 26 degree iron instead of saying a 5 iron.
  2. Yes no joke. When we first approached them on the 1st tee box. My group saw them both take off all there headcovers. But didn’t think much of it at first. Then when they got to there carts after finishing the hole. They would put back on all the headcovers. My group still didn’t think to much of it. We get to the 2nd tee box. And it’s the samething over again. And then rinse and repeat.
  3. You are right about world class golfers think differently. He should probably take a few notes from the likes of Morikawa. And humble himself down a ton.
  4. I’d have to say Tiger winning his first major in 1997. I watched it with my dad when I was a kid. I didn’t have a clue what I was watching. But I was a Tiger fan after that day going forward.
  5. This is why cupcake and angry scientist are so much a like. They say the absolute dumbest things without thinking first.
  6. I was playing a tournament at River Oaks today with some friends. I’ve never seen this before. But there was 2 guys in front of my group. But these guys for some reason would take off their driver, each wood, hybrid, and putter headcover at the start of each hole. Only to put it all back on after finishing each hole. 18 holes straight they did that. So yes my group was very annoyed by it.
  7. This sounds pretty crazy and weird. Maybe others have the same experience as me, maybe not. But during the off season. I try to hit the range at least 2-3 times a week. But never seem to improve cause I’m hitting off of mats. I don’t know if it’s my swing or it’s just in the head. I just cannot hit off of mats. I might get a few good balls out. But for the most part. I’m either hitting it thin or fat. Friends look at me funny cause I struggle so bad. But can hit off of grass just fine. Now if i go to the range during spring, summer, and fall. I hit it just fine. I actually get compliments for creating nice divots. I’m a 11 handicap based off of the Grint. I hit an average of 40% GIR. Not sure if that really matters. But just to give you an idea of the type of player I am. Any tips to try different when hitting off of mats?
  8. People with deep pockets won’t care. But I gladly won’t care to take it off there hands after they are done hitting there new/used equipment 3 times. And buying it much cheaper.
  9. I can’t prove #3. And it’s not worth the headache. I’ll leave it at #2. And contacted them immediately it happened. And they were just as surprised as I was.
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