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  1. YS nano reloaded gets my vote. I had it in my Ping G410 lst start of the season. Great shaft and super easy to load without feeling whippy. It’s definitely a high launching shaft. Spin averaged around low 3000 for me. And you can find them cheap.
  2. I have a really good feeling that the people that do gimmes from 5ft or more. Or even from 5ft or less. Are really bad at putting.
  3. Gimmes should based off what the groups agrees too. For instance you guys already agreed. So it should have been a 6. For me, gimmes from 3ft is not something I’d agree to even if it’s a fun round out with the guys. But that’s just me and my group. If you really want to try to keep an accurate score. Always hole your putts out.
  4. I like the no gimmes. It shows true to how good you really are on the green. And shows true to your actual score. Data from my Grint showed I averaged 30 putts last year. This year I did not a do one gimme putt. And it shows I average 34 putts. If it’s clearly a few inches away. It is a gimme, but if I was still a few inches away. I still putt it in.
  5. Though I don’t play any of the Tensei white. I have tried out the tensei pro blue For sometime. And now I’ve been playing the Tensei AV raw blue for the last few weeks. And I have to say that I can feel the difference between the 2 shafts. The pro blue feels like I’m swinging a board in comparison to the AV raw blue. My swing speed is high 90’s and both shafts are stiff flex 60g weight. I don’t have an aggressive swing. Fairly smooth tempo swing. And the AV raw blue feels easier to load and release. It has even help straighten me out. I’m thinking the AV raw falls in between the pro series and
  6. Don’t understand how some can say Sergio Garcia was a great ball striker. I mean, look at how many times he’s thrown his clubs after hitting irons. Look at how many times he’s had sand trap tantrums. If you say Sergio is a great ball striker. Then Patrick Reed isn’t a cheater.
  7. I had the same issue dealing with PGA super store doing work on a shaft I had. Had to take it back to them twice. They ended up having to eat the cost and buy me a new shaft. But they didn’t go down with a fight. Had to fight back and forth with them. It was clear they sanded the tip to far down and tried to shim it in order for the tip to fit. Never again will I trust them to do anything.
  8. No I can’t, I address my ball a little before my left feet. And I lean tad bit back.
  9. To each their own. But it’s funny how people get worked up over looks. And say they wouldn’t game it. Last time I checked. Can’t see the face at address. Can’t see the bottom of the driver when it’s resting on the ground. And it’s covered most of the time. But, to each their own.
  10. Really though? They can’t really cut pool noodles at consistent lengths? I find that hard to believe. I think they figure if it touches the foam, it counts. But that’s just not the case all the time. And not the case for everyone. And it’s not interesting that a player lost so many strokes due to inconsistent heights of the pool noodle.
  11. It’s funny how they can’t consistently cut the pool noodle consistently even to sit well below the hole. Friend of mines was robbed of 4 birdies and an eagle today cause of inconsistent pool noodle heights. we all agreed from the get go on the first tee. That the ball has to sit in the hole in order for it to count. Even though all of us did not know how the pool noodle is sitting inside the hole. We tried to play by the rules to hole out. But still got jacked. Any other time where we could have pulled the flag out. Those 4 birdies and eagle would have been good for my friend to shoot his best
  12. Would love to take the tensei av raw white off your hands. Let me know if you are willing to sell separately.
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