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  1. Last time I checked. It was called a Texas wedge. So no it wouldn’t count as a putt.
  2. No free shipping? What a major deal breaker.
  3. You don’t need to spend $1000+. Just buy it used. Accra TZ5 shafts range from $150-$200. And a TSi2 head goes for $350-$400.
  4. I recently did a fitting at Club Champion. I tried Ventus blue 6 in stiff and Tour AD IZ in 6 stiff. The AD IZ launched on average 4 degrees higher compared to the Ventus blue 6. And spun on average 3-400rpm more then the Ventus blue in my TS3 C2 settings with +8g weight in the draw. Ventus blue was averaging around 21-2200rpm’s Tour Ad IZ was averaging around 24-2500rpm’s.
  5. Best round of the year. Shot a 75 in windy conditions. Worst round of the year. Shot a 109 possibly the most calm and sunny day anyone can ever wish for.
  6. Kupcake is a arrogant, cocky, i can make fun of you but you can’t make fun of me, self centered, I’m better then everyone else type of guy. I can keep going if you like.
  7. Since boxing has become a joke now. They might as well box each other next.
  8. I’m sure I’m missing a few. But I remember these shafts I tired. Fujijura Ventus red, blue, and black. And also the Motore line Mitsubishi Tensei raw blue, orange, and white. Also a couple of Diamana. KBS TD Graphite Design Tour Ad HD, AD VR, AD XC.
  9. I haven’t, but I will now. The fitter never gave me anything in 70g range. Thought it was to heavy for my swing tempo.
  10. Since Covid happened. I dedicated a lot of time to gaining more club head speed. I went from an average of 98mph driver club head speed. To an average of 107mph driver club head speed now. I’ve been floating around high 90’s club head speed for well over 10 years. My current gamer is Titleist TS3 with Tensei blue raw 65 tipped 1in. This is what I was fitted for. And it is an amazing set up for me. Unfortunately, the shaft feels loose and whippy for the last couple of months. I have a smooth swing tempo kinda like Ernie Els and Louis Oostuizen. Just not as pretty. I recentl
  11. I think the arrow on the head is suppose to be aligned with one of the markings on the adapter. I’m thinking when the adapter was glued. It wasn’t properly aligned. To be aligned to the head.
  12. Very sorry for the poor grammar. But we are a group of 12 that play in the same league. Our groups are back to to back.
  13. What happened was he was planning to lay up from the get go. My friend said that he measured the pin at 230 yards. He said he laid up with a 5 iron. When he had seen the ball land on the green and hit our friend. He took out his range finder again. And it actually measured at 187. He must have caught something behind the flag stick. He knew he messed up. And was very sorry.
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