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  1. Purchased New Nov 18 for my son Lightly used Son is heading off to College and will be playing D-1 Golf! Hardware expires 11/29/2020- 1k to renew Software expired 11/29/2019 - 1k to renerw Brand new close to 27K Looking to get $18,500 Additional cost: One time software Transfer fee- (1k included in price)
  2. After a lot of discussions with my son. He has decided to keep using the TM for the summer Enjoy the golf season!
  3. Purchased New for my son for Christmas of 2018. He thought he would be using it much more than he actually is. (Used maybe 10-15 days) He just committed to playing D- 1 Golf and has access to TrackMan etc.. at school Hardware and Maintenance is covered thru Nov 2019 Selling for 20% less than a new unit 20K
  4. What are your generals thoughts on these balls?? which spins and checks up more on green side shots? longer with irons? longer with woods? feel? Having such a hard time picking between these two.
  5. standard length. lie hasn't been adjusted my son thinks the pw-8 are tour because they say forged on them 7-4 do not say forged on them
  6. TaylorMade PSi Irons PW-8 Forged 7-4 PSi non forged KBS Tour C-Taper lite 110 stiff $400 shipped
  7. Callaway APEX KBS Tour -V 90 Stiff shaft Cut down 1/2" PW-4 Very good condition 325.00 Shipped in US
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