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  1. 66 in both tournament and casual play
  2. Turns out I was looking too far up the shaft. Found it sold! https://imgur.com/gallery/e2KsOKF
  3. So, my curiosity was piqued and I removed the grip. It has the correct anti-counterfeit sticker. If anyone could chime in if this is supposed to have a serial, I would appreciate it. It doesn’t seem to have one.
  4. After some quick googling, it looks like the serial would be under the grip. It seems based on some searches that the GP wasn’t one that was largely counterfeit, such as the DI, BB, or IZ. I can’t say that I know the authenticity but I do value my feedback greatly so if it turned out to be fake, I’d refund and also file a case for my own purchase.
  5. Just one item up for sale or trade Tour AD GP 6s - bought pre-owned and just didn’t agree with me 8.5/10 plays at 45” in callaway mavrik. $SOLD trade interests sm8 54.10 s grind sm7 54.08 m grind (new) Tour AD MJ-6s driver length https://imgur.com/gallery/CNmZJFG
  6. Few items for sale mostly bought on here. Just relisting what I didn't get along with. Thanks for looking! Adding a couple items, still under 10 though. PXG 3iron Standard Loft, 1 flat, 40" length Bought on here and found better options. $100 OBO Pics show condition 8.5/10 https://imgur.com/a/pYWGJik 2017 M2 3HL 16.5* Tensei Blue X $110 OBO Used not abused. The clear on the shaft was buffed out when someone cleaned it somehow. Don't know why the shaft looks dull Pics below https://imgur.com/a/KOqTkar G410LST 10.5 Head Only - $SOLD Pics tell the story. Bought used on here and I used it myself f
  7. yesterday in the hill country, was gusting mid 40s and constant in the low 30s. Wasn't the windiest I've played but it was definitely noteworthy
  8. truth be told, the rounds where playing partners will say "how were you 1 over for the day, you hit it everywhere?!" are far more gratifying than the days when you shoot 1 over because you just didn't make anything all day but you were playing target golf with your long clubs.
  9. Just one item today: David Whitlam Little Dog First run 1 of 100 360 grams Standard loft and lie 3.5/71 plays just a hair over 33" Custom paintfill Initials are for a Symetra Tour player. Hardly used at all $275 no trades https://imgur.com/a/Dj5cBZR
  10. Congrats! you only get that type of gratification in this game a few times, enjoy it!
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