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  1. > @LeftDaddy said: > TNO, great stuff! Being able to put it into practice may be harder, but that helps me a lot with thinking about what a good PreSR really is, or at least what it is supposed to accomplish. A lot of the instruction books give you the “dogma” associated with a PreSR (must take less than x seconds, must include these steps, etc) but few that I’ve read address the “pragma” of a PreSR (ie why do it and what should I accomplish with it). > > Your post at least gives me a start as to what that could be... Yeah, I saw your post from earlier! Having a great PSR i
  2. > @matchavez said: > I'm most curious about what this means... Are you saying that you are giving yourself a "small target" and accepting that it might miss the target? Or are you saying you have a pinpoint, and that a **** shot could creep in, but that's ok? > I find this the hardest thing. I know for example, Fawcett will say "at best, you have a shotgun". But I have a hard time deciding whether there's something that was within "acceptable" reason. All I can do is feel if the strike was pure. I can tell pretty easily where on the face I hit something, but it's hard to judge wheth
  3. I'm nowhere near where I used to be, due to my lack of time to play golf, but I used to consistently shoot in the mid to high 70s. I remember the days when I was just scratching the surface of breaking 80 by shooting in the low 80s. What did it for me was I developed a preshot routine, and I cleared my mind of any swing thoughts. I literally have no swing thoughts when I play. My only thought is my target, as small as possible (aim small, miss small) and that's my only thought. I put no conscious thought into my swing, and have 100% trust in my full body (my arms, hips, legs, etc.) that it
  4. Alrighty, time for an update. I haven't been doing the mobility exercises as much as I want to, maybe once a week, but I have been religiously using the foam roller/lacrosse ball for some MFR exercises. I have also been doing the SuperSpeed sticks three times per week. My results were astonishing. Before using this program, I was driving the ball in a 280yd-300yd range, depending on where I struck the ball on the clubface. **After doing my routine (foam roller/lacrosse ball, mobility exercises, and SuperSpeed system), I was driving the ball anywhere from 300yds-320yds, again, depending on
  5. I was thinking the same thing. They've been a pretty damn good team this year. I think if they beat Kentucky and Auburn, it'll be pretty hard not to put them as a #1 seed.
  6. If you want to refer to "how far people can hit the ball," then I'm not sure one's length matters that much. Louis Oosthuizen is 5'10", and that guy can pound the ball. Fowler and McIlroy are both 5'9" and they can drive over 3 bills. The advantage, I believe, is in the flexibility and core/leg strength. These guys are extremely flexible and have incredible core/leg strength. I think I can personally attest to this though. I haven't been working on my core/leg strength, but I have been working on my flexibility (I have also been using the SuperSpeed training system to increase my clubhea
  7. Why do you think the average player would chunk it?
  8. Wow these are beautiful 'zunos. Could easily make more money...this is a steal! GLWS!
  9. Luke Walton will be available in a month... lol...that's gonna be a no for me. No college coaching experience, and he's not a proven coach with a proven resume...two qualities I would love to see in our next coach. He can go to Arizona, when they fire Sean Miller. I don't want UCLA to be the school for coaching experiments. I'll leave that to the DII schools and the Sunbelt Conference!
  10. Bronco is a great coach!!! I remember watching your game last season against VT. What a game that was. I was rooting for you guys to pull off that upset, as I don't really like VT that much. In my honest opinion, I don't see Bronco leaving Virginia. I think he's found a home there. Also, I know what you mean about the academics. It's pretty tough to get into a school like UCLA, and with all the academic standards, we can't get any recruit we want. The grades and SAT scores have to be there for these high school players.
  11. LOL! I know all about that! I know a couple die hard Nebraska fans myself, and they are still hoping to get the 2nd coming of Tom Osborne. Don't see that happening anytime soon. Yeah, I wouldn't really worry about losing Bennett. I think he is going to stay at Virginia for a long time, possibly until his career is over. In any case, it's hard to pry a guy like Jay Wright or Mark Few from small schools. They have pretty much established a monopoly in their conference. Those are the guys that are not gonna leave (possible, but very hard to bait them away from those schools). The school
  12. I don't know how I would feel getting a coach like him. I mean, he's a great coach, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't have any experience coaching a championship squad. I know UCLA alum, Bob Meyers, is helping us out with the coaching search. He's the GM for the Warriors, and he found a gem in Steve Kerr, so perhaps he will find a gem for us. All I know is that UCLA fans are getting a little impatient, and they want to see a basketball team that exhibits John Wooden-esque qualities. The fans here in Westwood can be a little delusional sometimes ;-) lol.
  13. I tell all my UCLA friends that the time is now to hire a proven coach with a proven resume. A LOT of my friends want Bennett, but I tell them if you want a coach that will get you a Pac-12 title every year, but lay an egg in the tournament, then sure, hire him. But if you want a guy that is going to have you compete for titles year in and year out, hire Jay Wright or Billy Donovan. Don't know how plausible it is to hire a name like that, but c'mon...we are UCLA...give them a blank check and let them choose their own salary. We have billionaire donors for crying out loud. I also wouldn't
  14. Grew up a UCLA fan (as you can't already tell). What a tough past couple years it's been watching basketball. Hope we hire a good coach that will take all this pain away. Mych, there's a lot of rumors that we are trying to go after Tony Bennett as our next coach. What are your thoughts on him? I personally do not want him as our next coach, and I will be pretty bummed if we hire him.
  15. Also, another thing that helps is to really focus on the movement on what you are trying to accomplish. In other words, put 100% of your focus on the new movement. Don't use a ball, since that will make you comfortable getting back into your old habits. What I mean by this, is that a majority of golfers are so "result focused," that their movement patterns don't change one bit (even though they think they are making a big change) because they are completely focused on the result that this new "change" will bring. When a golfer is making a change and is result focused, their subconscious mi
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