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  1. Currently a 6. Average driver SS of 122. 2017 M2 with a Mitsubishi KuroKage DualCore 70g tx flex. Shaft is tipped .5 inch and cut to 43.75 inches in length.
  2. Hello! Have the X7 shafts been adjusted at all? Or are they standard length 3-PW? Also, I assume they are .355 taper tip as opposed to parallel tip? If I may ask, I don't happen upon these shafts too often, why are you parting with them?
  3. What shaft did you move to instead? I have this exact shaft in an 2017 M2, and it's the best shaft I've ever used. I'd probably cry if it ever breaks. Referencing the KKDC 70TX.
  4. A set of iBlades just kicked mine out of the bag. I had no issues with them over the 8 years I gamed them other than a badge or 2 falling off, as others have stated.
  5. I'll try to forget about it. Maybe if I spent more time practicing from 100 yards and in and less time worrying about silly stuff like this I wouldn't be a 7...
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have read from numerous sources who know more than I that hard or soft stepping doesn't make that much of a difference. I definitely would not be doing the work myself, just trying to do my homework and be as educated as possible before making a decision. I was actually fit for the x100 shaft straight in, but on the order sheet the fitter and I decided to hard step 1x in order to try to reduce some launch and spin numbers. My trackman 7i swing speed was 98-100mph on average with a 185-190 carry, so the fitter said I should shouldn't really feel the small change.
  7. Hi All, I have been searching the various threads for this answer and I have not found a topic that addresses my question exactly. If this is a repeat of a thread I did not find, feel free to close this topic and direct me there for more reading. I have a set of iBlade irons with DG x100 taper tip (non-TI) shafts that I know where installed hard stepped 1x directly from Ping. From what I have been able to surmise about installing any taper tip shaft, the appropriate shaft is simply installed in the appropriate iron head and butt trimmer to length. So for example, in my hard stepped case,
  8. Ping iBlade 3-PW Standard length, 2 degrees upright DG X100 shafts, hard stepped once Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips It came down to these and a set of Mizuno MP18-SCs. Both were fantastic sets. In the end, the dispersion was better with the Pings, so the decision was a no brainer. Feel-wise, I could not tell much of a difference. Mizzy possibly felt slightly softer when flushed, but not enough to sway a decision solely on that. Or, maybe I am just not good enough to really tell the difference.
  9. 2017 Taylormade M2 Driver with Aldila Tour Green shaft. Titleist 917F3 15 degree 3 wood with Aldila Rogue Max 75 shaft.
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