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  1. All of these items are in great condition as I am OCD about taking care of my gear. First up is SIM Max 15 degree 3 wood. TM Tensei Blue 70 S shaft. Z-Cord grip. Barely used as you can see from pics. Price: 200$ TM MG2 Wedges. 50, 54, 58. All std length loft lie. DG T.I. S400 shafts with golf pride cord grip logo down. Used for one season. Price: 100$ each. 50 and 54 Sold Ventus Blue 6S w/ Velocore shaft. TM adapter plays 45in. Price: $OLD Nike VR ProCombo irons. 3-PW. 3 iron has different shaft and grip. Bought used from a fel
  2. Got a lot of goodies up for sale today. First up is SIM Max 3w with Ventus Velocore Red 7S. Z cord grip. Only seen about 10 balls total. In very good condition. Comes with original headcover Price: 350$ Next is SIM Max 3H 19 degree with stock blue, no velocore, ventus stiff flex. Z cord grip. This as well has seen only 10-20 balls total. Comes with original headcover Price: $OLD JPX 900 Tour Irons 3-PW. Stock L/L/L. DG AMT S300 shafts with blue MMC grips. 5-10 rounds total. Excellent condition. Price: $OLD Spider X chalk 34in, slant neck. No chips, scratches, or serious blemishe
  3. Have a set of P7TW irons. STD spec. 3-PW. S400 shafts with v cord grip. 3,4,5 iron have not even been hit. Very nice condition. Price: 1300$. Will discuss price if you want the box included. That thing is big and increases shipping a lot. Next is P760 4 and 5 iron only. C taper lite stiff shafts. Bent 1 degree weak each. Also mint condition. Price: 125$ each or 225$ for both
  4. Very nice condition spider x. Ordered direct from taylormade. No paint chips or scratches. Very well taken care of. Price: $OLD
  5. Only interested in SIM 19 degree hybrid for trade purposes. Straight cash otherwise. First up is basically a brand new P790 UDI. Only been hit a few times on indoor mat. Smoke black 6.0 shaft with upgraded z cord grip. Ordered direct from taylormade. STD L/L/L. Price: $OLD Next is brand new, never hit, HZRDUS smoke green shaft 6.5 60gram shaft with taylormade tip. STD length and not tipped at all, made sure they didn’t do their standard 1 inch tip. Grip is not installed so can cut it down to any length you prefer. Would play 45.75 otherwise. Price: $OLD Lastly is a project x evenfl
  6. First up is a gen1 pxg black driving iron. Comes with stiff handcrafted evenflow blue shaft. Used 5 rounds. No trades at this time. Price: $OLD Next is brand new never hit m3 hl 3 wood. Head only. Does come with headcover. Price 125$ Graphic design AD IZ 6s driver shaft with taylormade tip. Gamed for 5 rounds. Plays 45inches in driver. Ordered straight from graphite design. Z cord grip price: 200$ Atmos Ts blue 6s shaft. Taylormade tip. Gamed 5 rounds. Plays 43.75 ordered straight through taylormade when I bough a mini driver. Price $OLD Stitch driver headcover and taylormade Sta
  7. First up is a set of PXG 0211 irons. 4-GW, Std. L/L/L. C-taper lite stiff shaft with z-cord grips. Ordered straight from PXG. C-taper lite is an upgraded shaft option. Played only two rounds. Pretty much mint condition. Some irons have only seen 1 ball. Price is 1280 if bought from PXG right now. 25% off right here. Price: 900$ Next up is 2 SM7 vokey wedges in black raw finish. 54(14F) and 58(12D) degree, Std length and lie. Ordered directly from titleist with c-taper lite stiff to match irons. Vokey patriot z grip. Only used 2 rounds as well. Price: If bought with PXG irons 1000$ al
  8. Only used for 3 rounds. Stiff flex. New z cord grip. No headcover. 175$ No trades at the moment
  9. I have today brand new gen 1 0811X 9 degree driver with handcrafted even flow blue 6.0 (stiff) 60 gram shaft. Never been hit, just taken out of the box for pictures. Comes with headcover shown. Does not have a grip on it, but can throw in one loose in the box. Price: 300$ Next up is a brand new, never hit PXG bat attack H slant neck putter. 375g headweight. 35 in length. comes with headcover shown. Also does not come with grip on it, but can throw in one loose in the box. Price: 250$
  10. Two wedges for sale today. First is a black milled grind low bounce 56 degree with z cord grip. Second wedge is 60 degree hi toe ATV grind with z cord grip. Both wedges have been gamed for about a season, but still in good condition. No signs of rust on any of the clubs. Price: 100$ each or 175$ for both.
  11. First up is a set of wilson irons used for around 10 rounds with a few range sessions. Standard L/L/L with DG AMT R300 shafts. PRICE: $OLD Next up is a Touredge exotics cbx fairway 4 wood. HZRDUS black 6.0 shaft. Only used for 1 round practically new but a small blemish shown on the front of the club in my picture. PRICE: 110$
  12. Just one item up for sale today. TM Juno copper putter 34". Used for 5 rounds. No marks, dings, or scratches. Just very light brush marks on bottom from use. Headcover included. Price: SOLD
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