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  1. This probably doesn't belong in this section, but here goes. So, I just had surgery to repair my L5-S1 disc and just caught Jim Nance on a rerun of "How I met Your Mother". I love the show but given his comments about Tiger, I thought having him interview Barney concerning his perfect week was in poor taste. I don't approve of what Tiger did and I hope he can put his life and game back together, but he's human and I've never walked a mile in his shoes. If you guessed I've never been a Nance fan, then your correct. My rant with this is probably fueled by my "glass half full" view of my l
  2. Any love??Thinking about putting these back in the bag. They were good enough to win majors for both Mickelson and Campbell. Others still gaming these and why? Thanks, TF
  3. where should we play?All, I'm a 5 who enjoys older traditional designs. We should have a chance to get in a couple of rounds. What are your recommendations? Thanks, TF
  4. Opinions pleaseAll, I'm a 5 and put with a SC NP2 with a 350g head. I tend to put really well on fast greens without a lot of grain. When the fam and I go on vacation to the islands I tend to struggle on the slower, grainy greens. I'm thinking about getting another putter with a 304g head and setting the loft to 6*. What are your thoughts? TF
  5. My Adams Pro Idea 16* has, for now, knocked the 15* 3w out of the bag. I hit it about 235 off the deck. TF
  6. Recommendations pleaseAll, I found a couple of older posts but wanted to see if anyone had come across good deals given the state of the economy over the last year. Looks like we will be staying near Kona. I'm a 7 that likes a traditional layout in good condition. Woudn't mind playing at least one course with nice ocean views. Resturant recommendations that are kid friendly are welcome as well. TF
  7. My company is hosting a conference on Sentosa island and we are wanting to do a golf outing or two. Played the Serapong course back in October but we are wanting to look at more econmical choices. I've heard about ferry service to either Malaysia or Indonesia. Thanks for your recommendations. TitleistFan
  8. Anyone have the numbers?905R, 909D2 and 909D3.
  9. I'm a 6 and have been struggling with my 3 wood. I either tee the driver way down or carry a 16* Adams Pro Idea hybrid. Looking for a forgiving head with 15* of loft. Bring on the ideas!
  10. As you can see from my user name and sig, I like Titleist, but I compare each new hybrid from them to my trusty Pro Ideas. Since the 909 showed up last month, I haven't got a chance to hit it, so the Adams is in the bag.
  11. My 905R may be out of the bag now (8.5*, Aldila NV 65-S) but it will be resting on the "bench" in case the 909D2 honeymoon ends.
  12. Eric, I ordered both the 909 D2 & D3 in 8.5* lofts with the Aldila NV 65-S shaft. My pro and I hit both along side my trusty 905R, 8.5*, Aldila NV 65-S. As much as I wanted to love the 909D3, I hit the 909D2 much better. Better in fact, than my 905R. My pro who plays the NV 75-X in his 905R couldn't miss with the D3. I think it may end up in his bag. Mike
  13. Just put a 909D2 8.5* with an Aldila NV 65-S. Very forgiving with a hot launch. The 905R is now in staff bag in my den.
  14. For me its Titleist. It all started with a Cameron putter and the 975D driver over 10 years ago. Vokey wedges are solid and I really like the ball and glove. I was lukewarm about irons until the AP2s came out. These are their best offering since the original 690 series. I've had better sucess with TM fairways and Adams hybrids but I will give the 909 series a shot. Basically, I'm an old guy that likes traditional looking clubs.
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