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  1. Will post measurements when I get home from work today. I believe 5i is 37.5” not sure about the 7i
  2. Moving out of my apartment and need get this stuff gone before I go. Not taking it with me. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Add $10 west of Mississippi as I am in the NE. Feel free to ask for extra pics or info if needed. Here we go!!! 1) 2019 Taylormade p790 5-P. C-taper Lite 110 stiff. Stock TM grips. Bought these off the BST as standard L/L/L but they are definitely closer to .25-.5" short. I would be playing them otherwise. I only played one round with them, just looking to get my money back. $750 OBO 2) Titleist 714cb 4-P. 2* strong/1* up. Standard length. C-taper 120 stiff. Golf Pride z-grip. Played for a couple seasons by me but bought used off the BST SOLD 3) Titleist 710 AP2 4-P. +1/2" 2*up. Project X 6.0. Lamkin REL grips. Bought these brand new from Titleist when I was in high school. Only played for 2 seasons before I took a couple years off and buried them in the backup closet. SOLD 4) Titleist 816 H1 21* Atmos Blue Hybrid 8S no HC $75 5) Titleist 818 H1 23* Atmos Blue Hybrid 8S HC included $75 6) Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 6x Callaway Adapter. Played Standard in an Epic Sub Zero driver. $150 7) SeeMore FGP PTM1. 34" Bought pn BST as an experiment but was short lived. Never left my apartment. Has a SuperStroke Flatso 2.0 grip and HC. SOLD 8. Bettinardi BB8 34". Bought brand new from NY Golf Center. Had them install a white Queen Bee grip instead of the stock green. Std specs. SOLD 9) Odyssey Stroke Lab #3. 35". Standard loft/lie. No headcover. Another failed experiment but great putter. Just not a fan of stroke lab weighting. $175
  3. Currently going with a 45* set PW, then 49/54/59 in my glide forged. Love them
  4. The guys at TXG have a good video on fliers for irons. Would check that out. Wont let me post the link but its a recent video on their youtube page
  5. agree the T100 would be a good option. More traditional lofts too. I play the z785 irons and they are good but play a bit stronger lofted (28* 6i) than I think the v6 do
  6. The vokey M grind is really versatile, but hard to recommend one wedge for the entire setup. Would recommend at least a 52/58 or 50/58 depending on what your PW loft is. Really liked my 58M grind before I went to a 60L grind
  7. Think there will be an inevitable upgrade in forgiveness on your worst shots due to new tech, but the best shots will be the same with each club. Over time think you will see marginal improvement across the board. Up to you to decide what that improvement is worth in dollars
  8. Looking to get fit for a combo set in the new TM irons, but not certain where I want the split to happen between p7MC and p770. playing z765 in P-7 and 565 in 6-4 currently but think I only want to go to the 8 in the p7MC. Does anyone have any experience in going about this? Most fitters only have a 6 iron which doesnt really help me decide where to split most effectively. would like to avoid having to buy 8,7,6 irons in each model so besides that any creative ideas?
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