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  1. Ignore heavy hitter, he’s a chauvinist pig (apparently xenophobic as well)
  2. This archer can’t throw an arrow very far
  3. guess we know who the jordan peterson supporters are
  4. You work in a tour van and Thor approaches you to make him a driver. He asks you to make it feel like his hammer, Mjolnir. How do you build this driver? ---- Or pick any other superhero/villain/fantasy character and build him/her/it a driver that fits their "swing" (as imagined, by you). Since you're a puny human, you're stuck with what other puny humans can use for clubmaking.
  5. Your balance at the end could have been overcome by a mouse fart three holes over.
  6. Good thing Jamie sadlowski is working with him, Kostis will dial his distance back, intentional or not.
  7. The secret is in here: http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/TricepsBrachii.html
  8. It's a crapshoot. Sometimes you get that golden teacher. Other times you get someone who seems like they only studied the front page of golfwrx. At least not all the teachers are "PGA pros" so there's that...
  9. Shamwow should have finished college. Maybe then he might know some more putting physics.
  10. Tiger Woods just needs some R&R at the Bohemian Grove, not the pharma-puppets wrecking his CIA-tampered body.
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