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  1. Thank you, this is very helpful. Keller will definitely be one we play. Sounds great and I can’t wait!
  2. We (twosome) will be in Minneapolis in early July and would like to play a couple of rounds. We are golf course aficionados, so any tips on public courses designed by highly regarded architects or that are simply architecturally unique and interesting would be much appreciated. We have a particular liking for more open, links style courses. Those of you who are knowledgeable about the best public golf in the area, rank the top 5 courses you would recommend. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can anyone identify what kind of golf bag Tyler Strafaci is using at the Masters? Is that a Shapland?
  4. There is a description of it in Golf posted today: https://golf.com/gear/clubtest-first-look-miura-black-qpq-finish-irons-wedges/
  5. Hire a caddie! Bandon caddies are wonderful. They will quickly learn your game and help you navigate the courses, thereby ensuring that you keep pace. Most importantly, they will enhance your overall enjoyment. My wife is a 24 handicap and our caddie made her feel comfortable and confident; she ended up playing better than usual and had a blast.
  6. Here is Doak’s reply to this question on another discussion board: Tom_Doak YaBB God http://golfclubatlas.com/forum/avatars/blank.gif Karma: +0/-0 Re: Sand Valley 3 "will be just over 6,000 yards and par will be 67 or 68" « Reply #164 on: Today at 06:25:15 PM » Quote from: Drew Harvie on Today at 05:22:23 PM I believe the reports say it's still on hiatus, with Lido taking
  7. There is a reason SR is the only course on the property that doesn’t have sand in the bunkers—i.e., the wind. The thought experiment you propose doesn’t work because the artistry of golf course architecture is the creative and strategic use of the natural landscape (all of its constitutive elements) and place. In other words these elements are not reducible to merely being “views” (in the same sense that the woodlands on Trails and sand dunes on Bandon and Pacific are more than aesthetic accoutrements). The sublime views on SR are inseparable from the strategic impact of the coastal winds.
  8. I did, too. Great service and the rain gear is the best I have ever used. Sad they are going out of business.
  9. I agree. I think the previous version was better in terms of pockets and so I decided not to buy a new one.
  10. The Forest King rooms in the Inn have jetted bathtubs.
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