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  1. That’s is a good suggestion, too. Is it also the case that one can get on Midlothian as a non-member now? It would be fun to play courses in the country club circuit down there and thus were previously inaccessible. Nostalgic golf trip on classic golf courses.
  2. Thank you for your detailed reply. I understand your cautious advice about Ravisloe, but I am actually from the southside area. In fact, I was a caddie at another nearby club for many years and on a few occasions I caddied at Ravisloe for one of our members who was competing in a tournament there. Thus, I think it will be fun to play a track that was, in my youth, off limits to me to play but which I made a few loops around. I have played Cantigny and Dubs (I was also there in '97 when Tiger won the Western), so want to hit some never-played courses. Thunderhawk, Stonewall, Ravisloe are definite plays this trip, I think. I really like your Downers Grove recommendation, too! I am not certain how many days I will be in town--just so much good golf to be played there. Thanks, again, for the solid suggestions and up-to-date conditioning reports (e.g. on Harborside).
  3. Great memory! Actually we didn't play Keller that trip. We played Rush Creek and StoneRidge (both were very enjoyable, by the way). This time we will play Keller and then Troy Burne before journeying on to Wisconsin and eventually to Chicago. Thanks for the other recommendations! We will add these to our "to play" list for the many jaunts we will be making to Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
  4. We were actually going to do the entire set of Kohler courses this year, but for a couple of reasons we decided to do that in 2023 instead (namely, we want to avoid the post-Ryder Cup frenzy and it is outside the budget of one of our group). But in 2023 we will definitely be playing the whole lot at Straits! We also hope we can get on the Lido, which should be open then, as part of that trip.
  5. Next summer we are going to take another golf road trip through Wisconsin into Chicago. A little context: We have played Sand Valley, Erin Hills, and Lac La Belle (and are not ruling out playing them again as part of this trip). We were going to play Lawsonia on our last trip but got rained out. So that is definitely on the list for this trip. We do not want to play the Kohler courses this trip; we plan on doing that at a later date. With that in mind, in addition to those already listed, here are some courses atop our Wisconsin list: Troy Burne Lake Arrowhead (both courses) Lawsonia (going to play both courses) Washington County The Bog Wild Rock University Ridge The Legend at Bergamont Are there any others we should consider in either the Milwaukee and/or Madison regions? We are thinking of renting a VRBO to use as a home base for playing a bunch of these courses. Any recommendations on centrally located areas with good amenities (grocery stores, etc.) for playing these courses? Are there any courses in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois we should play on the drive down or up on the return trip? For the Chicago leg of the trip, here are the courses we are considering (NB: Being originally from Chicagoland I have played a lot of courses in the region and so I am looking to play some that I haven't; so I know there are some really great courses not on this list): Ravisloe Harborside Stonewall Orchard Thunderhawk Highlands of Elgin The Preserve at Oak Meadows Mistwood How would you rank these options? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  6. Mind sharing what you found displeasing about the lodging there? My wife and I were thinking of going next year and staying there. Thanks in advance.
  7. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Edina, MN 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Wedges.
  8. If this is indeed the numbering of the series, it is a shift away from the aesthetics of a seamless combo set. Not that one couldn’t make a combo set, of course, but instead of all clubs in the set having the same number—MP 18 or MP 20 for example—a combo set of these will not be identical.
  9. What’s her name? My wife and I will be there first week of July, so maybe we can request her as one of our caddies.
  10. Two years ago we got up to Giants Ridge. It is fantastic. This year we are headed to Sand Valley, Lawsonia, and Erin Hills. Minneapolis is our “layover” site where we will have a couple of days to play a few courses. Thanks to everyone’s for the excellent recommendations thus far. It will be hard to choose!
  11. Thank you, this is very helpful. Keller will definitely be one we play. Sounds great and I can’t wait!
  12. We (twosome) will be in Minneapolis in early July and would like to play a couple of rounds. We are golf course aficionados, so any tips on public courses designed by highly regarded architects or that are simply architecturally unique and interesting would be much appreciated. We have a particular liking for more open, links style courses. Those of you who are knowledgeable about the best public golf in the area, rank the top 5 courses you would recommend. Thanks in advance!
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