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  1. Just wanted to report back. I tried the no turn cast on the course today and saw some really promising results. Swing was a lot shorter (still going slightly past parallel but early days) and a lot less across the line. Was striking my irons really nicely, some of the purest hits I've had in a long time. Took some getting used to with the woods but after a few low duck hooks started hitting them really nice. I'd also say I felt I had more speed than with my original swing. So just wanted to say thank you for the advice.
  2. Thanks Monte. I'll try you no turn cast drill from YouTube and let you know how it works.
  3. Thank you Monte, I thought that might be the case and I appreciate the feedback. I am on the course Sunday so if you don't mind I could take a few videos then? On the whole I think this is a fair reflection of my swing but better to see it actually working. With over swings is it as simple as just shortening? What I mean is, is there any faults I can focus on that cause it. I've tried that in the past but my timing is always way out when I do it!
  4. See below. Seeing them on camera they don't look that different but they do feel it. It also makes me realise how ugly my swing is! 1st is with the restricted feeling. 2nd is the one I get the shanks with. Thank you! Restricted final.mp4 Unrestricted.mp4
  5. This is what I was thinking. When I say restricting I don't mean stopping, just limiting it compared to what I was normally doing. When I hit a bad one, it almost feels like I've got to rush my hips open to get to the ball.
  6. Oh dear this is not what I wanted to hear. Thank you for the offer, I'll take a video of a couple of swings tomorrow and hopefully that'll shed some light
  7. Maybe it's more of a feel for me than a reality. I have an over swing, and think by turning my hips too much, I have to really aggressively turn them in the down swing and early extend as a result to get them open at impact.
  8. Hi all I've been played by the *hanks my whole golfing life. They come out of nowhere, hit me for a couple of weeks then just disappear. I often think I've cracked the reason, but no it never worked. Anyway I think I've cracked the reason and wanted to check if it makes sense? What I've noticed is I really turn my hips in the backswing, and by restricting their turn am getting much better contact when I unwind them in the downswing. I was just hoping people may have had this experience themselves, and just see if this sounds like a reasonable reason?
  9. Hi all, I've battled an over swing by whole playing life. Recently realised it's because my elbow flies out so I can't support the club at the top of my swing. I've been setting up now with the hogan elbows, and concentrating on keeping my elbows close together and my ball striking seems to be improving. Anyway I bought one of those inflatable balls on a lanyard. Is this aid suitable for a full swing? Just feels a bit weird. Thanks in advance
  10. RBZ stage one. No good off the deck but a canon off the tee.
  11. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice. The weather has been rubbish recently so I bought myself an umbrella holder for my golf trolley. Annoyingly even though I've tightened it as much as I can it still twists where it's attached. Does anyone have any solutions as to how to stop this? Many thanks
  12. Yeah I really like mine, for me it's the sensation of the putt feeling like I'm pushing the ball I think.
  13. My mp62s are pretty beat up, adds to the character.
  14. Picked one up for a while ago. Really like it but keen to hear people's long term thoughts?
  15. Thanks everyone, I managed to pick up an MP4 H4 5 iron which I think should do the trick.
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