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  1. Hi all, are there any knee braces that can reduce the sideways pressure from your front knee through impact? How can you strengthen your knee to handle the sideways pressure? Note: I have a chondral fissure of the medial trochlear groove (torn cartilage).
  2. Hi, I’m looking for a light weight 7 iron for my 5 year old daughter. I purchased one of these a while ago, but it has a standard head on it and is way too heavy. For her, it’s trying to swing a sledgehammer. Any idea where I can find clubs specifically designed for kids?
  3. I am very interested in his online lesson. Could you please offer some information on the lesson. How was it conducted? Did you hit balls during the lesson or was it more a review of a recorded swing. How much was it?
  4. CaseJ

    XR16 to G400 max

    Thanks everyone. @GolfTurkey any chance you could elaborate on your experience.
  5. CaseJ

    XR16 to G400 max

    Thanks, I appreciate the response.
  6. I’m interested to know if anyone has gone from a Callaway XR 16 to a Ping G400 max. If so, did they see an improvement?
  7. I was getting starting in golf. However, I gained an instant improvement. I never had any confidence using traditional clubs. I would stand over the ball thinking "how do I hit this club again". After the first week with single length irons, I had a considerable amount of confidence with all of my irons. My 4 and 5 irons became my friends. I started to improve a lot quicker as well because practising became so much easier. Golf is so damn hard. No point in making harder.
  8. The Vector X can be quite slow to recognise a connection. Try this Connect the VectorX and PC with an ethernet cable. Return to the home screen on the vector x Wait for 5 minutes Press the "Run VSeries" Button. The IP address should be there. The manual actually recommends using a crossover ethernet cable. I have found it does work with a standard ethernet cable but if you a having issues maybe try a crossover cable.
  9. As this program is no longer supported and its impossible to obtain a new licence key I am happy to offer a solution. Here are the steps to get the Vector X working with vRange/VFit/VTeach without a licence key. Step 1. Remove any existing licence keys in the user directory Locate the directory C:\Users\YourAccount\AccuSport\vSeriese and delete the file vSeriesKey.dll (if it exists) Step 2. Rename the progam licence key file Locate the program directory. Should be somthing like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Accuport\vSeries Rename the file vSeriesKey.dll to original_vSeriesKey.dll.o
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