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  1. We only ever played on s par 3 course when I stopped playing. I never would have broken 100 on a regulation course. I never learned to drive the golf ball. It has taken a lot of time on the range to work on a full swing. I've found that the key for me was to focus on alignment with the driver. When I was in the 90s I would always have multiple lost ball penalties. So I knew if I could work on being in the fairway the scores would fall. I got around in 34 putts yesterday with only one 3 putt. I told myself not to be afraid to leave it short. That's maybe not a pro move, but it sure helped me e
  2. I started playing again after not playing for 10 years after college. I got asked to play in a work scramble tournament a few years back and committed to practicing. I really enjoy range time after work but I don't get a chance to play a round all that often. I played maybe 8 rounds early this year and hovered around 94 then 92. I always jump around courses and I went back a few weeks ago to one I had played twice and BAM...Shot an 84. I knew that if I could keep control of the driver I could lower my scores a lot. The next round I played was today. A different course this time that I had
  3. GPS sends out time signals that are collected by your receiver. You need at least 4 sat fixes to produce a solution in latitude longitude altitude and somewhat counter intuitively time. The more sats you have the less error should occur. The signals are actually very weak and are affected significantly by the atmosphere. The time signals must be extremely precise and the processing to pull that weak signal out of the background noise is quite complex. Most receivers in order to get a faster solution actually use a semi random guess to get started. So that ramdom guess mixed with randomness in
  4. Wow! That's arrowhead golf course near Denver in the video! http://www.arrowheadcolorado.com/ I work about 2 miles from that course. The range is severely downhill and has elevated boxes. It is only like ~220 yards long. You aren't allowed to hit anything but irons usually. I hit a TM r15 3 hybrid at least 260 on that range when it normally carries 210. I'll have to get someone to measure hang time next time I get out there. Lol So the golf pro is from Denver and it was filmed in Denver. Jack, I'll buy the first round at your choice of local brewery if you'll pose for a picture with me!
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