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  1. Fuji 6 R Blue velocore shaft with tm tip, measures a hair over 44.5” no tipping, GP mcc plus 4 midsize grip, no trades $240 shipped and PayPaled
  2. Excellent condition, two range sessions and hit a couple irons on the course. They lost a shoot out with the zx5s, to me 5s felt better, 4s are more forgiving and a little longer. This set is 5-aw with modus 105 regular in the 5-PW, aw is head only tour velvet plus 4 midsize grips and irons are plus 3/4”, 38.75” 5 iron. No trades $750 shipped in the west plus 15 east of the Mississippi. Heads only $700 SOLD pin 5/25
  3. Excellent condition TSI2 head, cover and aftermarket adapter. No trades shipped priority mail, please pm questions or reasonable offers, comments keep to yourself, thanks. $375 Sold
  4. Love my zx5s, best irons I’ve ever had and I’ve tried a bunch.
  5. Sim 10.5 head in great shape with headcover. $old Onoff forged 3 iron head, new $75
  6. ZX5 for me best irons ever and I’ve tried a bunch over the years.
  7. I have the 5s, got them out of Japan. Love them, best irons I’ve ever had.
  8. Custom ordered from Srixon, 5-PW, 5 is 26 degree ZU 85 plus 1/2” Miyazaki Kaula 8 stiff graphite. 6-PW are plus 1”, 2 flat. Spec sheet attached, these have only 2-3 rounds on them excellent condition. I went back to steel, $600 PayPaled and shipped priority mail insured in the conus. Drop $565.
  9. Here’s an awesome set of Honma forged goodness, 4-10 with Modus tour 120 R shafts. Only a couple rounds on them and covers always used no dings. Golf Pride plus 4 tour velvet midsize grips, they are plus one inch, 39” five iron. $375 shipped priority mail, east of the Mississippi add 10. PM questions or reasonable offers thanks.
  10. Titleist T300 5-aw excellent, headcovers used, 3 rounds and 2 range sessions. Nippon 880 amc R Shafts plus 1” midsize grips. $600obo TM Sim 19 &22 hybrids all stock Ventus blue Regular shafts two range sessions maybe 20 balls hit with head overs $160 each $300 both Graphite design GP 7 stiff black edition one time pro pull no tipping $135 Fujikura Ventus velocore red 5 regular One time pro pull no tipping $185
  11. Cleaning out some things, no trades. Tm Sim 19&22 hybrids, Ventus R shafts, only a couple range sessions on them. $165 each or 320 for both TM 790 heads 5-AW great condition, headcovers used. $old KBS C Taper 110 S 3-aw, 3&4 are new uncut, 5-aw played plus 1” in my irons. Tour velvet plus 4 midsize grips in great shape. $old
  12. A little spring cleaning so NO trades. Ship usps priority mail, questions and/or reasonable offers please pm. I don’t watch comments on the ad. M6 9 degree Head and cover excellent shape. $old Syard xv 10.5 head and cover, deep face forged ti. $old C Taper lite Stiff 3-AW nine shafts, 3and 4 new uncut, 5-aw plus 3/4”with Tour velvet plus 4 midsize grips, aw mcc align plus 4 all great shape. $170 drop $160 Graphite design tour ad gp7 stiff $135 drop $125 Project X handcrafted hzrdous yellow 5.5 with Tm tip$85 drop $75
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