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  1. Get the Max LS and open it up a degree. Move the slider to the toe. If it still draws, get a lesson. Lol
  2. After having it for a few months I love it. I got a Cleveland 50* to mess around with to see which I like best and the set wedge is much better on full shots for me. I do play a lot of chips, bump and runs, etc with it and also like it there. The 50* is more versatile, but if I need something that requires a bit more touch I switch to my Vokey 54*. Its a wedge I didn’t wanna like, but definitely do.
  3. Just built a “fun” bag and haven’t used the full one in awhile. I’ve been having so much fun carrying the short bag I really haven’t thought about the full one in awhile. So fun! Max LS Driver Srixon zx UT 20* zx7 6i z blade 8 and PW Cleveland Zipcore 54*
  4. I traded in an iron set, wedge, and some random irons. No issue. Got the bonus on all of it. Actually got more for the clubs than I originally paid...
  5. Because money and hobbies are different to all people. If you have the money and enjoy buying clubs every two weeks, go nuts. Will it fix your game? Nope. Will a new knife make you a better cook? New car make you get to work on time? New gym membership get you in better shape than the old one? New wife get less mad about new clubs? All are a no for me Bob. I like me some new irons and drivers every few years. I’ve gone from a 23cap to an 8 in the last 3 years. Not a single club in the bag is the same...chicken or egg? I also started taking lessons......Clubs or lessons....
  6. Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 80g hybrid shaft. Uncut. Brand new. $50 each.
  7. Did the same thing. Can’t find the middle with the ventus. Mine is currently for sale. Lol.
  8. Very similar profile to AD-DI in driver. I wouldn’t cut it to 3w. Sell.
  9. I’m with everyone else here. Play a 3H and 4UT. I also have a 3UT and a 4H that I rotate through. Rarely use the 4h, but put it in the bag if it’s wet and slow. I use the 3UT for any course that are firm and fast. Love to hit that low runner.
  10. I have a Ventus Blue with Velocore, with a callaway Tip. How do I know if it’s been tipped? Selling it, and people are asking. I have no idea. thanks in advance.
  11. Depends on the swing and strike point. I tested it in 9* and it was too low spin for me. I was looking for a more stable driver this year, and ended with the Callaway Epic Speed Max LS. I just couldn’t get along with the Ping. I even got a 10.5 to try to get the spin up, but just couldn’t quite get it dialed in. It also felt like a heavy head to me.....for what it’s worth.
  12. I have been working with my coach to change my swing plane and a part of that process has been hitting a lot more draws. I’ll go back to the fade once I get the feel I want, but.... I haven’t found the need to make any club changes whether I’m playing the draw or fade with my irons. Just need to be aware of the difference in the shot. My draw is lower spin, but flies much higher than my very spinny lower fade. I have found that the only small difference is my lie angle, but that mostly comes from poor technique during my swing change that I hope to eliminate. When it come
  13. I’m selling the old one in the classifieds. I’ve hit it like 20 times, I’m sure I’ll get most of it back.
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