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  1. I’d agree with the above, and add that the zx5 and t200 are a good comp. I started with a combo of the zx7/zx5, but struggled a bit with the zx5 for some reason. I am in a full zx7 set and absolutely love them. For what it is, the zx7 is VERY forgiving, but it’s not in the same ballpark as the t200 for forgiveness. Just like the t200 isn’t in the same league as zx7 for feel. Both great clubs, but entirely different across the board. The biggest thing you’ll likely notice is turf interaction. HUGE difference. good luck!
  2. @BirdieBob for the win! $34. thank you!
  3. It’s a vessel bag. Box is 36”x12x11 and weighs about 7 pounds. UPS quoted me $99 as the cheapest option.
  4. 7lbs. Box is 36”x12”x11” 01534 to 92804
  5. Sorry, I should be more specific. I sold one in classifieds and the price to ship is insane.
  6. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I am looking to ship a golf bag and it’s looking like $100+!!! Any tips or tricks?!? HELP!! to edit for clarity. I sold the bag on classifieds and I am trying to ship it to a buyer.
  7. Price is shipped: Vessel Players 2.0 Golf Bag. Used for a season, walking only, in great shape. Includes rain cover/hood. Has a custom panel on it, but you can get a new blank one from Vessel for cheap as they just zip on. $ SOLD ZX UT 3i with Graphite Design AD-95x. Used 3-4 times. Turns out I cant hit a 3i. $SOLD Fujikura Pro 2.0 - Callaway tip. Plays 44.5"(I think, can measure if needed from tip, but I Bought directly from Callaway, ordered 1" short from 45.5 stock.) $150 OBO HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 80g Hybrid. Raw. - $65 OBO Let me know if you have any questions! pin 11/1
  8. Just got back on Monday and Bandon is the most special place on earth. Sweet Jesus the place is pure. We are East coast guys and played in the first tee time every day. We had winds of 2-3mph every morning and played in 3hrs every time. Being out on those courses by yourself was something special. Our last day we had to be on an 11am shuttle to the airport, so we played pretty quick to get the round in. We were on 13 of Old Mac before another group crested the hill on 3. It was one of the most spectacular rounds I’ve ever played. It was so still and quiet out there. Just amazing. On Saturday we got Sheep in the AM with ZERO wind and that course is one of the most fun courses you can play. You won’t lose a golf ball and the course is extremely playable. Then we got in another 18 at PD, and wrapped up with another 7 hole sunset loop on PD. Holes 3-6 on PD are probably my favorite stretch on property. So much to still process, but we are already getting the trip planned for 2023.
  9. It’s a forged club and feels great. The grooves change on each club through the set and to me it is wedge like, but not exactly like a speciality wedge. I feel that it’s definitely for those that primarily use it for full shots and little chips that run. That being said, it is low bounce and can be used elsewhere.
  10. @BallerNate I purchased a 50* zipcore to give them both a try and ended up back with the A wedge. I prefer the lower flight and spin of the Zx7 to the zipcore on my full shots. I generally use the A for full shots and a lot of bump and run/pitching and find it easier to keep low for that as well. Found it much easier to hit for the full shots and especially if I’m knocking it down into some wind(just got back from Bandon yesterday and it was perfect there). The Zipcore is more versatile for sure if you like to use it a ton for chipping or open it up, but I use my 54* for most of that if I need it.
  11. For the firm turf at Bandon would you guys recommend spikes or spikeless. Heading there next week. Currently weather looks good, but I know that couldn’t change any second. I’m in Mass and wear spikeless all the time here with no issue. Just wasn’t sure if the sandy turf gets slick when wet or anything like that. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks Everyone! I ended up playing Glen Mills. Fun course and I’d recommend it to anyone. Short but demanding and a course I’d definitely like to play again now that I’ve seen it. Lots of blind shots.
  13. @Pearson10M mainly because my pro is kind of a ****** and I don’t think he’s done well to foster relationships outside of our state. Great course through, so nobody calls him on it.
  14. Hello! Looking to play at a decent course within an hour of the West Chester, PA area. I’m down there for work next week and have time Tuesday afternoon. If anyone belongs to a decent private course and travels to Mass I’d be happy to trade a round at my place. Think it would be fun to see something different and get to share my club with a fellow Road warrior. Thanks all!
  15. Get the Max LS and open it up a degree. Move the slider to the toe. If it still draws, get a lesson. Lol
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