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  1. Hello! I am headed to Tampa in April for a boys trip to Streamsong. I’ll be coming in the day before and spending the night in Tampa before I pick the boys up in the am. I get into Tampa around 2pm, so I’m trying to find something pretty close to sneak in 18. Any and all recommendations appreciated! Thanks!
  2. All, I’d love to get some input, from a caddie if possible, about my upcoming trip to Bandon in September. I know it’s a long way off, but If I could I’d start packing now. I’m psyyyched. I have two bag options, and wasn’t sure which to bring to make the caddies life easier. I have a Vessel players 2 stand bag and also a Mackenzie Walker coming soon. My first thought was to just bring the Mackenzie, but I’ve read some things about caddies not liking that they have to put it down/pick it up on the ground instead of just using the stand. I carry my vessel all the time and l
  3. I played my Cobra F7 at 43.5 and replaced one of the 2g with a 16g. Loved the setup and found fairways alllll day. Only issue was the shorter shaft caused my swing to be steeper and it could spin up pretty high if I Mis hit it. Playing 44.5 now with a different driver and it suits me a bit better. Much lower spin too.
  4. Callaway XROS irons because I wanted more distance. Zero greens held. Clubs were gone in 2 months. If it wasn’t for callaway 50% trade in bonuses it would have been even worse.
  5. If you call callaway pre owned they’ll give you specific info on each club. If it’s still in plastic, it’s a retail buyback, etc. There customer service is incredible.
  6. I’m not sure what people are doing with them... I have a combo set and they still look great after a ton of use over the past year.
  7. Can someone weight in on this? Anyone hit it yet? Is it open at address? Weight towards the toe?
  8. Played the Black a few weeks ago and really liked the course. I’m a 12 handicap and thought the course was very playable. I sometimes struggle off the tee and this course is pretty forgiving in that area. Not the best putter in the world, but didn’t find myself having to 3 putt on every hole. Yes, they are huge, but not insanely hard. I believe I had 3 3 putts. On a normal course that’s not ideal, but on a course where you should almost always be on the greens in reg it isn’t too bad. Ended with an enjoyable 86 and would play it again any day.
  9. Played TPC, Both WW courses and SS Black a few weeks ago and Couldn’t remember a single whole at TPC. It was blah and burned out as well. I really liked black even though it seems most don’t. It’s a fun course that doesn’t play like anything else you’ve ever played. Wide fairways make it very playable and also challenging. WW, as everyone has said, is some of the best golf for the money in the country. Love Pine Barron’s and the course was in fantastic shape.
  10. I’ve been playing the combo for about 4 months now and it’s been the most amazing 4 months of my golf life. The gapping from 7-8 is just fine for me. Just as consistent as the gaping throughout the set. The feel on the two clubs is a bit different as the pros are just so pure feeling, but the CF16’s are that perfect blend of feel, distance, and forgiveness I’m looking for in the long. Having that little bit of extra control(and SPIN!) in the short irons has shaved strokes off my game in a big way. The only criticism I have is that I wish I could have gotten the 7i in the Pro too. I als
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