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  1. I was just thinking why is there no LPGA acknowledgement, as far as courses and events, in WGT Golf. Although the game did partner with them for some matches during the pandemic. They could have done it this year with the US Open because the Olympic course is already in the game.
  2. Trying to see if the Ashok/Anannarukarn pairs only bogey was on the final hole. It appears the lpga leaderboard is no longer functioning for the Dow final results. The golf channel leaderboard seems decent. Does anyone here use it while tournaments are being played?
  3. Some of the best smoked turkey I've had was done in a Big Green Egg.
  4. Inbee & So Yeon for the win. Rooting for a good Saturday finish; a good title defense by Jas and Syd; no international incident and a top 5 finish for the team of Lexi and Nasa. Team with a surprise top 5 finish - Pajaree & Aditi
  5. I'm feeling Wie-West should be in this event. Perhaps partnered with Stanford or Gerina Pillar. Or even Christina Kim... Or even Condi Rice.
  6. I was looking at this earlier. Team 48 for the win!
  7. I assumed JYK wasn't playing once Minjee's partner was announced. It was announced that Hannah was heading home after KPMG and would prep for Tokyo there.
  8. I saw that. So I assume that gets her in The Open (and the Scottish Open). Does it get her in Evian?
  9. Congrats. You've been a long promoter/ supporter of Nelly. I'm still not sure she and other young guns are going to dominate, but we shall see.
  10. Off the top of my head, I recall their group waiting on the green to clear twice. Were they really ever out of position? Did they need to speed into a red light?
  11. Ah... yes. Why not? I think they may court a player or two or make a suggestion to the LPGA and/or the player reps (Lydia is one of them, maybe Pernilla also). They need a couple of teams to announce to break the ice and get the ball rolling so other teams can begin forming. By all appearances Dow seems to be one of the most enthusiastic and supportive hosts on tour.
  12. I think Danielle is like Lydia in that she has a lot of friends on tour, SYR, Lizette, Wie-West, Lydia. Actually, Lydia seems to have at least 4 times as many friends as I've listed for Danielle. Lexi and Nasa?! What a surprise. I was thinking she'd pair with Altomare if not Christy Kerr again. Good for both of them though. Maybe the sponsor suggested it and they agreed. After So Yeon and Inbee win, maybe we'll get a Lexi/Inbee dream pairing.
  13. Some Dow teams are being announced. Didn't expect In Gee and Brooke Henderson.
  14. US women's golf media is charmin soft.
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