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  1. 18 hours ago, KBong said:


    2) LOL...you really think Dow would have the time or make the effort to suggest pairings to INDEPENDENT contractors?


    Ah... yes. Why not? I think they may court a player or two or make a suggestion to the LPGA and/or the player reps (Lydia is one of them, maybe Pernilla also). They need a couple of teams to announce to break the ice and get the ball rolling so other teams can begin forming. 


    By all appearances Dow seems to be one of the most enthusiastic and supportive hosts on tour. 

  2. 1 hour ago, KBong said:

    Yup....they used to hang out...but when Kang started to win...she became too Kool for Skool.

    I think Kang also did the same to Salas...who she used to hang with....in 2012...I was chatting with Grace (Kang's mom)...she asked if I had met Lizette...I said no...so she brought me over to say hi).


    I'm not on their social media feeds...but I'm not so sure Dumbo and Old Ko are BFF's....never really see pics of them hanging out.

    I think Tina has Lydia too busy at night....discussing $$$ opportunities.🤣


    From what I saw in 2015....I think Minjee and Sura are closer than Minjee and Lydia.

    Sura seems shy like Minjee. I had a brief chat with Sura.

    There's a really good Korean restaurant called Sura here...a great lunch special with many dishes.


    The Ko's were considering moving to Canada....I believe Sura went to HS in Toronto.

    I think Danielle is like Lydia in that she has a lot of friends on tour, SYR, Lizette, Wie-West, Lydia. Actually, Lydia seems to have at least 4 times as many friends as I've listed for Danielle. 

    Lexi and Nasa?! What a surprise. I was thinking she'd pair with Altomare if not Christy Kerr again. Good for both of them though. Maybe the sponsor suggested it and they agreed. After So Yeon and Inbee win, maybe we'll get a Lexi/Inbee dream pairing. 

  3. 18 hours ago, tatertot said:

    I agree, the media can be brutal. But she doesn't seem to mind when they're fawning over her and making her a superstar. And without the media - and the connection they make between her and her fans - she doesn't make a very good living playing golf. When you're a pro athlete, you've got to take the good with the bad when it comes to media.


    US women's golf media is charmin soft.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Argonne69 said:

    Nasa is a little snake bit. 2nd playoff loss at a major. She lost to Sung Hyun at the 2018 KPMG. I believe she's also lost two non-major playoffs. 


    I was going to mention the same thing. Two losses last year right? Inbee/Gabby and another to a Euro who's name is on the tip of my tongue. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, 18majors said:



    Did you watch NBC/Golf Channel's coverage of 2020 USWO in Houston?  They did a great job even though they didn't know they'd rights to US Open until middle of the year.


    I expect the coverage this year to be superior because of the venue, the Olympic Club, and they've more time to prepare for it.


    In any case, we'll find out next week.



    I thought it was good the 1st two days. Perhaps because they had to cover 2 courses. After that I felt like they shrunk the coverage down. Like they sent half of the crew home and kept a Covid restricted sized crew. 

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  6. 57 minutes ago, Stooch said:

    The one thing I will say is, the LPGA needs to improve the on course infrastructure for covering the event.   They basically had camera's set up on 12, 13 14 and 15 and couple single camera people running around trying to catch the other action.  There was no flow and was hard to get into any of the matches while watching on TV, the coverage of the event so far is actually hurting me enjoy the match play event.  Having just enough camera's kinda works in stroke play but really does a disservice to watching Match play.  Example Danielle was on fire and they sent out a solo camera person to show her last 2 shots, on the PGA, we would have gotten to see much more of that match.


    I've been wondering/ worrying if they're going to get the coverage right for the US Open. 

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  7. 22 hours ago, pmcuk said:

    I'm going with Inbee. She's good under pressure. And doesn't she live in Vegas? 


    I agree that group 7 will be a dog fight! Some on-form players there. 


    Inbee's group seems tough to me with Gabby and Celine. Two winners on tour and the co-mvp of 2019 Solheim. 

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  8. On 5/9/2021 at 2:32 PM, Stooch said:

    Perception and reality and perception is what's usually stronger, the look on her face when it happened was really telling.  You are in all likelihood 100% correct about cheering for Ariya but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt Atthaya hearing people cheering her miss.  Again things like this can be internal motivation, kinda like "OK, I see I'm on the bottom of the Thai totem pole in term of perceived importance, now watch what i do and we'll talk again next year" 🙂


    If she needs to make up slights like Michael Jordan is said to have or like Shaquille O'neal claiming David Robinson didn't give him an autograph, that's perfectly fine with me. Go on out and lead a Thai team to a victory at the International Crown next year. Should Ariya and Patty not succeed this year,  bring home a gold medal in 3 years. 

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  9. 43 minutes ago, Stooch said:



    I think Atthaya has to find a way to get more LPGA starts which probably won't be a problem now, kinda like college, the Thai tour will do nothing to push her forward and could possibly be regressive.  Judging by the look on her face when the fans cheered her birdie miss on the 18th she may want a break from the Thai fans for a bit, she did smile right afterwards but the initial impression on her face was less than impressed iMO and sometimes it's the little things that motivate a player.  Nothing I seen this week removes the impression this girl is a stud and all the indications were there that she's gonna be a dominant player on the LPGA tour.


    Could those have been fans cheering for Ariya's win as opposed to Atthaya's miss? I was thinking had there been a full gallery she wouldn't have heard it.

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  10. *****Spoiler*****










    Congrats to Pro May!


    So that's Lydia, Brooke and Ariya. Who's next? A resurgent, Monday qualifying Alison Lee? Gerina Pillar? 


    I was rooting for Atthaya down the stretch. I think it would have been nice if she and Yuka Saso could have won and joined the tour this year instead of possibly going to q school. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, North Texas said:


    I caught that from Judy. And I also caught the comments from Jerry Foltz talking about how much Nelly had to stand around and wait on her playing partners. 


    I didn't watch the full broadcast, but it seemed like they were waiting on the group ahead of them at times.

    They also mentioned that Nelly plays really fast and I thought there was an interview piece where Nelly mentioned she has to slow herself down sometimes. 

    I'm thinking Nelly and Angel were having a good time playing together because they were chatty. I believe I heard them discussing pace of play once and Angel mentioned something like, "At least Nelly wasn't a jerk about it when pace of play was slow."

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  12. 2 hours ago, 18majors said:

    Updates on Atthaya Thitikul, 2021 LPGA Q-School can't come soon enough for her


    Atthaya Thitikul

    "Atthaya again plans to play on the LET this year before trying to seal the LPGA Tour membership."




    She'd be someone that should try to Monday qualify this season. Join the Jutanugarn extended family. With the priority lists the way they are, would she be able to get into those fields?

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  13. 2 hours ago, 18majors said:

    In Japan, they find something to write about Hinako Shibuno everyday; it is more than Tiger Woods in 2001.


    I can't imagine what it will do to LPGA, if something like "Shibuno Fever" happens in the US!  It probably takes Lexi, Nelly or Brooke win ten tournaments in a row, with 2 majors thrown in.


    Hinako Shibuno started at "Daikin" in March "again" in a year looking overseas





    10 wins in a row, with 2 majors, win a gold medal, date Trevor Lawrence and attend the Met Gala.

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  14. So Kupcho has played her way in thus far due to Rolex Rankings. 


    Khang, Salas and Yin (Annie Park also) have some work to do to make the team again.


    Amy Olson could be odd woman out again. 


    I'd like to see Jennifer Song keep up her good play and play herself in. 


    I think there is almost no way a healthy Stacy Lewis gets left off the team since the event is in her birth place.


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